Hideo Kojima And Guillermo Del Toro Will Reunite This Month (For A Speech)

Hideo Kojima And Guillermo Del Toro Will Reunite This Month (For A Speech)

Silent Hills may be dead, but even that can't stop Metal Gear Solid designer Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro from reuniting this February at the DICE summit in Las Vegas.

The two iconic creators will speak during the summit's keynote, which will be moderated by our buddy Geoff Keighley and held on Thursday, February 18. The DICE press release promises that the two will "offer insight into their creative vision and the driving forces behind their artistic pursuits."

"This conversation will revisit some of their fondest memories from their own individual careers as well as some of the pivotal moments from each other's work that remain a constant source of inspiration," the summit's organisers said. Other speakers at DICE this year include Fallout 4 director Todd Howard and magician Penn Jillette.

The Kojima/del Toro keynote will be streaming, and Kotaku will certainly report on anything interesting that happens. Unless Konami cancels it.

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    I really want kojima to burn some bridges with this talk, really stick it to Konami.

    If those brackets in the title weren't there oh LORDY would I be furious.

    Kojima and del Toro feel like a couple that broke up for all the wrong reasons, and are now flirting with the idea of getting back together by attending and speaking at these events. I imagine del Toro offering a warm smile from across the panel, Kojima looking away shyly with blushing cheeks. In their hearts they long to be together.

    Last edited 04/02/16 11:22 am

      Let's try to get a few drinks into them both and then step back and let the magic happen.

        You are now picturing Kojima and Del Toro having sex.

          And it would be glorious. Make love, not shitty mobile games.


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