Hideo Kojima Hug Pillows Exist

Hideo Kojima Hug Pillows Exist

I’m not sure what to say exactly.

OK. Let’s see. Recently, this tweet appeared online:

That particular pillow is owned by Twitter user Drool Prince, who brought the pillow to this month’s MagFest.

Drool Prince has a wonderful sense of humour about the Kojima hug pillow. Because, really, you’d have to.

So, yes, this is a gag. I think.

I hope.

[Image: ShugoTakahashi [imgur]]

As pointed out on Yurukuyaru, it seems you can actually buy this Kojima pillow case for $US29.99 ($41). The hugs, however, are free.

Top image: ShugoTakahashi [imgur]


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