How Goddamn Gorgeous Is Rise Of The Tomb Raider On PC?

Obvious answer: pretty goddamn gorgeous.

This is the work of Berdu, who is pretty much out of this world when it comes to in-game photography.

But my favourite work of his is definitely the video content. Just well framed, well 'shot' and paired with great music choices.

Watch and marvel.


    I've been thinking the same thing ever since I began playing it on Xbone. Stunning game.

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    Everything is "well framed" in 21:9

    Love this guys videos

    It really is exceptionally pretty. I picked it up on Friday for PC and I'm very impressed. Gameplay is fun too! Just a nice, short but decent length single player game.

    I doubt my non-4K compliant PC would be able to run this game at the ultra-est of ultra settings.

    Question: Is 'Recommended' settings considered 'optimal' as far as the vendor is concerned? When you go over and above because your build can, is that then supposed to be 'optimal'?

    Looks unbelievable! All you need now is a VR headset, an air conditioner (on max) blowing in your face, and a bucket of ice water to put your feet in. You too could experience what it's like climbing a wind-blown mountain, from the comfort of your own home.

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    Well I have 8gb ram, an i5-4460 3.2ghz cpu and a gtx970 (which is the 1080p 'recommended requirements') and it struggles to maintain 60fps. And I'm using the GeForce experience optimal settings. I get between 45-60. Seems to stay at 50 in most outside areas. Of course, you can dial some things down to achieve constant 60, but it won't look as pretty haha.

    Just fyi for anyone wondering. But it truly is an amazing game.

      I have 16gb, I5-4770K 3.4ghz with an Raedon R390 and for the most part 50-60 fps as well. Occasionally have it drop to 30 FPS for a second (random areas).

      I really enjoyed the first, the rhythm and feel of this sequel is great.

        Yeah, it's a bit disappointing but oh well, it's a great game. I've put in 12 hours and only done 30% loving every minute. When it does operate at 60fps its a beautiful thing to see

    it is so goddam gorgeous on pc i own an xb1 but when it was stitched up on xb1 only first i said stuff them i will wait till it comes out on pc just as i think many players would have who own a pc as well.

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    Running a single 980ti on a 2600k with everything maxed out and getting an average 45 fps at 5760x1080. Yes it looks lovely, hopefully the new rig and second ti should help me exceed 60fps.

    It looks great! Though it suffers a large degree of uncanny-valley-ism, it's getting much, much closer. I particularly enjoyed watching the breath coming from the corps of a wolf I had recently killed and skinned. Disturbing!

    Should I visit Ukraine to buy this? Hmmmmm.

    Long term patron of GOG and Steam but I'm really paranoid about the Denuvo DRM stuff that keeps popping up. I have no interest in pirating games (I buy everything legit during sales) but i've been burnt by Starforce and Securom before...I think i bricked my install last time i tried Mass Effect 3 and i won't even mention the pain i went through with Spore and Assassins Creed 2. I hope they release a complete version later on with no DRM as i'm just totally over games screwing with my comp. Now i hear Denuvo even leaves files on my PC AFTER I uninstall it... seems kinda creepy for a single player game since I don't even know what gets left behind. I'm not gonna go into the whole Piracy is or isn't a crime debate (I for one think developers should simply be adequately compensated based on the quality of their game) but please don't insult me as a paying customer to include quasi-malware with the installation.

    I pay for quality, value and respect as a long-term gaming fan

    Just a thought

    ALL HAIL THE PC GAMING MASTER RACE! On a more relevant note though, is it just me or does it look like the person doing the in game camera panning may have Parkinsons?

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