How To Get Red Dead Redemption Running On Your Xbox One Right Now

How To Get Red Dead Redemption Running On Your Xbox One Right Now

One of the most requested additions to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility list, Red Dead Redemption is now available for download and play. Folks just need to own the game digitally and find someone already following the game. Don't worry, I know a guy.

From a screenshot showing Rockstar's Western available for download on an Xbox One posted at NeoGAF the news spread like wildfire, but don't expect the game to show up in search on your Xbox One. In order to access the Red Dead Redemption page on the Xbox One you have to find someone following the game. If you look up F4hey you should be able to go to my followed games and find it.

How To Get Red Dead Redemption Running On Your Xbox One Right Now

Once there you can download the game, as long as you own it digitally. If you don't own it digitally you'll see "Bundle Only" in the purchase options. You can grab the Xbox 360 version over at for $US29.99 ($42), which is what I just did.

And here we are.

How To Get Red Dead Redemption Running On Your Xbox One Right Now

If you own the game on disc, give it time. If the digital is working the disc should get a roll-out soon.

How To Get Red Dead Redemption Running On Your Xbox One Right Now

Looking through Twitter I am seeing folks reporting other games popping up the same way — Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night — but my "games I already own on other consoles" budget just got blown.

Happy trails!


    "but my “games I already own on other consoles” budget just got blown."

    a fool and his money.

    Still downloads & opens Hexic HD for me. 563.4mb download vs the 7.48gb download.

    Last edited 08/02/16 1:11 pm

      Weirdly I own Hexic HD but I've never been able to DL the back company version

        Yeah, I remember my first 360 came with a code for hexic, it's been tied to my account ever since. I can play it now, not that I want to!

          It was on a Hard Drive I bought, but I've since replaced that 360 Arcade with a 360-E something about the console switch-over has obfuscated my ownership of that game!

        Had the same problem, however you can buy it for free on the XBox and then it should pop up as downloadable on your XBox One.

    Other news sites are saying it's now been pulled?

      Yeah it was pulled last night. I tried it around 2am, it had already had a forced update pushed for any people that managed to get it installed before they re-routed the install button on the RDR page to download a different game. For me that game is Hexic HD.

      Last edited 08/02/16 1:27 pm

        Oh bugger, was just about to buy it. Oh well

          Don't lose hope, it can't be that far off if this stuff is up on the back end. And you know MS will love telling us as soon as they can that RDR is available as part of the BC program.

      I have just got it. No idea why it isn't working. I did it about an hour ago.

        Hmm interesting. I tried it at about 2pm central (and a few times this am) and it just downloaded Hexic again. I'll try again though, it only takes a min or 2 to download 500mb.

        Nope. Hexic. According to MajorNelson (xboxs Larry Hryb) it's been removed.

        Last edited 08/02/16 3:55 pm

          Ill check now if I still have it. It opened and everything for me yesterday.

      yes,on friday.


    So... someone is paying some attention to RDR. Does this mean... Possible PC port? Xbone remaster?

      The reason MS have been paying attention to it is because its in the top 3 most requested games in their bc list.
      I'd say there are at least 128 thousand people paying attention to RDR.

      R* continue their same PR shtick about it not being viable for whatever their reasons. Surely a 10 man team working on a port for an undetermined amount of time would still make its money back in minutes of release on Steam...

      Last edited 08/02/16 3:52 pm

      We can't be that far off Rockstar Announcing RDR-2 or whatever it'll be called.
      Maybe this'll be a preorder bonus... or a way to advertise it.

    amazing game.
    loved loved loved RDR.

    Loved the game, but played it to death! Still my number 1 game by a long shot :)

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