How To Make Skyrim More Like Dark Souls

2011 was a helluva year. Two incredible games were released — technically in the same genre, yet eons apart in terms of scope, aesthetic and design.

The games in question: Dark Souls and Skyrim. But what if you merged those two games into one — what would that look like?

It would probably look a little like the above video — which takes a number of different mods and applies them to Skyrim. It's actually pretty cool!

The above video was made by Querns, a YouTuber, and he's listed the many, many different mods he's used to achieve this pretty cool, Dark Souls-esque look.

Less Intrusive HUD II Immersive HUD Customizable Camera Fores New Idles in Skyrim Violens - A Killmove Mod Combat Behavior Improved Fighting Fatigue Combat Evolved Dragon Combat Overhaul TK Dodge 2.0 Lock-On Lock-On Reticle Retexture Souls Quick Menu

Or you could just play Dark Souls. And then Skyrim. Separately. Because they're both awesome for different reasons! Either way, pretty cool set of mods.


    Now someone mid easy mode into Dark Souls & watch the internet EXPLODE!


      I just...

      I just...

      Pardon me I need new pants.

      It already has an easy mode: Magic.

        That's just Hard as opposed to Extra Hard

    I'm finally going to do it, I'm going to finish Skyrim this year.

    I only really finished the faux-Hogwarts quest in the far north, I didn't even make it to High Hrothgar. That didn't stop me from plugging 100+ hours (Level 35~ or thereabouts) into the game and running down every cave or keep I found.

    Is there a mod-pack for dis-interested or lapsed Dovahkiin?

      I'm not aware of a mod pack as such, but can recommend a few I always use. I'd suggest Live Another Life as a good starting point. You can choose to skip a lot of the beginning tutorial stuff and jump straight into a guild, with some decent starting equipment to get you going. Mods that add variety, like Interesting NPCs and Immersive Creatures, are always good as well for keeping things interesting. There are so many more out there though, have a browse of the top mods on the Nexus website to get an idea.

      Every time I try to get back into Skyrim, I spend the next week installing, testing, rejecting, and sorting out conflicts between three over 3GB of mods before eventually abandoning it and months later uninstalling Skyrim when I need to make room for something else.

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is a nice in between.

    Until you get to triple Eliminators and Living Armours.

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