How To Make Your Life Look Like A Video Game

This Super Unique View of Travelling Looks Like an Awesome Video Game

GoPro cameras have gone a long way to making real life look like video games, but what if you hate first-person games? What if you want to third-person that shit?

This video, titled There and Back: Colombia by Spencer Creigh & Michael Barth, does exactly that. It's a travel video from a unique perspective. It is so, so good.

It makes me want to travel and, you know, do stuff.

Or play more video games. One or the other.


    I make my life look like a video game by punching prostitutes before getting stabbed by their pimp.
    Jokes on them when i pull out and start eating burgers in front of them while i bleed.

      I make my life look like a video game by sitting around doing nothing until someone tells me what to do.

    or "How to make my life look crappy compared to this guy's".

    I wonder how he does it.. I'm guessing it's mounted to the back of him somehow, but it gives a lot of camera shake. It would also look weird in person. I like those real life GTA Taiwan one from a while ago, was that done by a drone?
    Speaking of drones I was walking through Hyde Park the other day and there was bride and groom getting their photos/video taken by a drone that was following them. I wonder how that turned out.

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    Isn't that fps movie Hardcore Henry coming out in a couple of months?

    Wouldn't you look like a massive tool with a gopro mounted on an arm behind you? Also wouldn't be suitable for crowded places.

      A lot of it seems staged though, for instance when he gets into the taxi.. you couldnt just jump in without the mount getting in the way of being able to sit down.

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