Huge Elite Dangerous Fleet Leaves Galactic Center In A Classy Way

Huge Elite Dangerous Fleet Leaves Galactic Center In a Classy Way

Video: Travelling to the centre of the galaxy in Elite Dangerous takes time. A lot of time. 52 players of the Distant Worlds fleet made it there together and the moment they all jumped into hyperspace next to Sagittarius A*, one of the largest objects in the game, looked pretty damn awesome.

Here are some more recordings of the mass hyperjump from Dr. Kaii and Erimus One, showing different superb camera angles. Goosebumps!

via r/EliteDangerous


    Wow what. I thought the instance limit was 32 players. Guess it must've been upped to 64 or something and I just forgot.

    52? Not a bad mid-sized fleet I guess, by EVE standards.

    Posts like this make people interested in this broken game, these people would have spent hours and hours trying to jump into the one instance just to do something lame like this.

      Yup, This is literally more interesting than 90% of Elite dangerous.

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