I Don't Know If I Could Stomach A Wipeout Game In VR

I love Wipeout. No bones about it. It's one of my favourite games of all time; Wipeout HD is my favourite game from the PS3/360 era, next to Uncharted 2.

What I love most about it is the unbridled, sheer sense of speed. When you nail all the boosts, hit the air brakes perfectly and fly through the track, it's breathtaking.

But I don't know whether I could handle that same experience in VR.

It's called Radial-G: Racing Revolved. It's a Wipeout-style anti-gravity racer that's been in Early Access for over a year, and it's finally launching next month to coincide with the release of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Given that pre-orders for the Vive open tomorrow, developers Tammeka Games decided to push out their launch trailer today. Let's check it out.

Here's the problem. I don't know if I'm physically capable of enjoying a game with Wipeout-esque speeds while immersed in VR. I'm barely capable of following everything that happens during a Wipeout game at full pace. That's part of the fun.

But I don't get sick sitting on my couch. Although it's not like I've gotten sick with VR before, although I've tried to stay away from the rollercoasters (which I don't enjoy in real life anyway) and other "shock" demos.

Could this push me over the line though? I keep going back to that trailer and thinking ... man, I really want another Wipeout. Hell, I'd throw oodles of money at Sony just to get them to release Wipeout HD on the PS4.

But in VR? That might be a step too far.


    WipEout is also my favorite franchise, Uncharted getting a PS4 iteration but not WipEout breaks my heart. Formula Fusion, a WipEout spiritual successor, is getting VR support and it's coming to PS4. Might be the closest we get to WipEOut for a while.

      It's so, so far from being finished though. I got it when it first launched on Early Access and immediately regretted it. It's still really scant on content and I'm worried whether if their full vision will ever be realised.

        They're pretty open about where they are in the development process and the hurdles they've had to overcome; I'd say it's pretty on-par with what you'd expect from an Early Access game at this stage of development and am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt considering they've just released a pretty hefty update.

    Your perception increases after a while of using vr, speeds don't seem as fast, would still keep a barf bucket ready till your stomach gets used to it though.:

    Why did the franchise wipeout discontinue? I never understood... I don't want a knock off.

      The makers, Studio Liverpool, shut down a few years ago.

        AFAIK there's nothing stopping Sony handing the IP to another studio to do a new game. Studio Liverpool was a first-party studio so there shouldn't be any rights issues.

          The arcade racing genre isnt lucrative enough for big budget games anymore it seems, hence all the indie clones.

    The demo of this ages back was pretty cool (if a little rough - track had some weird turns to it that needed ironing out). Seems like it's changed a fair bit since then, would love to give it another go.

    I would love this, WipeOut with PSVR support would be amazing!

    Ohhh shit yeah. I really don't want to spend $2000 on a peripheral but god damn that looks so far up my alley it should be illegal.
    And I mean it would be even better with a force feedback racing chair setup...
    I don't need this motorbike do I? Nah.

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