If Diablo’s Deckard Cain Were In Heroes Of The Storm

If Diablo’s Deckard Cain Were In Heroes Of The Storm

Video: Deckard Cain might not be a powerful hero of the Blizzard universe, but still, Diablo‘s fan favourite NPC is one of the most wanted characters for Heroes of the Storm. Carbot made an awesome animation playing with the idea of what the wise old man could do in a MOBA. Cain is a hero requested for obvious reasons. He’s a well known unique character who just doesn’t fit in the generic “epic fantasy/sci-fi hero” category, and that would make his mechanics quite funny and interesting (and broken). It wouldn’t be another wizard with fire spells, but an old man telling, um, old stories.


  • Silence enemies (permanently) with his debilitating “Shush!” attack!
    Lull enemies to sleep with boring anecdotes!
    ‘Accidentally’ drop a ton of books on enemies that jostle (attack) you!
    As an ultimate, suddenly make the game last 50+ minutes as you go on and on and on about the Prime Evils and the Horadrim. And the Zakurum. And the Angels. And the Barbarians. And Westmarch. And eventually everything else.

  • He’d be a support class, debuffing the enemy. I’d guess his abilities would to to slow them or send them to sleep. Or have them randomly use one of their own abilities on themselves out of sheer desperation to end things.

  • He’s have a guaranteed ultimate called “Stay a while and listen…” which would be an AoE stun similar to ETC’s mosh pit.

  • Deckard uses his stories to enthrall enemies, inspire allies and summon some of the world’s most fabled creatures, heroes and villains

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