If HBO Made A Witcher 3 Series


    As long as they don't force Jeff Bridges to put on another "Seventh Son" voice I can agree with most of these. Except maybe Emma Stone simply because she wouldn't get her tits out, and The Witcher without boobs is no Witcher :-)

      Hahhaa that's a great point!
      Seriously though, Mikkelsen as Geralt just gave me wood, dude would be perfect! Makes me want to rewatch the first season of Hannibal, you know, when it was captivating and pretentious, not just pretentious.
      Those other choices are good too.

        Yeah first season Hannibal was great, oozed with charm and presence every time Mikkelsen was on screen. And then, well we got Hannibal in a leather jacket riding a motorbike across europe >_>

          The last 6 eps of season 3 redeemed all. Fact

            My fiancée enjoyed the other seasons more than I did, I really hated the slow pace and the way they shoe horned red dragon into it, not to mention the admittedly complex bromance between Hannibal and will.
            That first season though...Hannibal killing people behind all their backs , fooling them all as the Chesapeake ripper, I remember there were like 2 episodes of him just cooking up organs while humming away, then sitting down at the table all lonely and sighing lol.
            It just had the weirdest mixture of things going on, a really unique vibe and it was gory and had great imagery too.

              True. Season 1 certainly hit the right notes, and 2 did devolve somewhat into pretentiousness... But I would say I enjoyed the elements of what was essentially a half season redux of Red Dragon far more than I thought I would. It was an exercise in narrative precision. Never felt drawn out. Loved it :)

    Please some network make this a thing.

    Why's it have to be an 'HBO series?' Yes, they make great dramas with decent production values, but this is just another bog standard 'dream cast,' the likes of which, litter Tumblr.

    Canon wise, Triss should not have hair that colour.

    Suggest Emma Watson as Ciri, have a picture of someone else as Ciri. Perfect argument....

    Obviously Eve Beauregard should be Yennefer...

    Yeah, ok. But as mentioned above, swap Emma Stone out for some young, fresh talent who'll get her kit off. Homogenised, PG13 Witcher can eat all the dicks.

    I think Troy Baker would make a pretty good Geralt!

    How about Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy as Geralt? He's got the deadpan voice that would suit. Can't see Emma Watson at all, too fragile and weak.

    A Hollywood-ish Witcher wouldn't work because it'd basically be Fabio the Barbarian to the majority of the movie-going audience.

    Don't know about Emma Watson as Circi but the rest I could believe.

    Please replace eva green with Kate Beckensale!

      I'm sorry. Did- did you just say "replace Eva Green with Kate Beckensale"??

      Nothing, SIR! I repeat: NOTHING will be an adequate substitute for Eva Green's come-hither eyes! Sir! Nothing, Sir! BOO! SIR! BOO!!

      Good day, sir! I SAID GOOD DAY!!

        have you seen Kate beckensale in leather ? ala Underworld ?

        because my friend i beg to differ :P

    Saw this on 9gag and all the options are terrible of the bloody baron and maybe Vesimir (I haven't seen much of Jeff Bridges)

    Why does Emma Watson's photo not actually show Emma Watson? Evidence of a poor pick I'd say.

    Wait, this isn't weaboo trash, you feeling OK dude?

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