If You Haven't Already, Opt In To The Overwatch Beta Now

The Overwatch beta kicks off again from tomorrow, and if you didn't get in the first time around then here's a reminder that you have a second shot this week.

It's not clear precisely when access to the beta will become available, but Blizzard's post (their local office confirmed the date as February 10 for Australians) does neatly point out that everyone who was previously enjoying the 6v6 team shooter can continue doing so from tomorrow.

This new phase of the beta comes with a stack of new toys and tools too:

  • An all-new progression system
  • Two new maps, including a new game mode
  • Several hero balance updates
  • And a variety of Private Game updates, including full A.I. matches

The blog post added that the Asian servers for Overwatch will also be made available from February 16/17, but according to Blizzard's support page Australians and New Zealanders will still be grouped with the Americas.

It doesn't mean Overwatch won't eventually have servers in Australia. Blizzard has local servers for their games and it's expected that support for Overwatch will be added at some point, if not for launch then sometime afterwards.

You can opt into the beta by going to the Overwatch site and clicking through to the link at either the top or the bottom of the page, where you'll be prompted to log into your Battle.net account.


    and the sad, hopeless refreshing of the battle.net account page begins again...
    Still hoping they will randomly announce/launch Aus servers along with a massive Aus invite wave like they did with HotS

      Don't waste your time refreshing the account page, just refresh the launcher instead (it's usually faster).

    knowing my luck ill get an invite to overwatch when i want an invite to legion alpha. happens all the time. wanted an invite in the reaper of souls beta and i got hearthstone or heroes i think it was

    I make new accounts every day just to opt in.

      Ah, no wonder people like me who opt'd in first day haven't gotten an invite. My hardware is good so it can't be that- and I'm active on battle net. Ah well. Can't wait for it to go gold.

        Ya. Feel ya. Been hanging for this one for awhile. Played way to many hours of TF2 and ready for another fun team shooter.

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