If You're Buying Street Fighter 5 On PC, Get Used To Crappy Keyboard Binds

Street Fighter 5 has launched simultaneously on PC and PS4. The launch has been pretty smooth, and the fact that the game has cross-play is an even bigger bonus.

But there's something Capcom didn't think to include for the PC version: customisable keyboard binds.

SF5 unlocked on Steam at around 11am this morning, and people lucky enough to either have the day off or a situation that facilitates a few hadokens have been getting their fights on over the last few hours.

If you're thinking about buying on PC, however, there's something you'll want to know: you can't customise the binds.

The game's playable with a keyboard. But just like the previous beta, what SF5 does is remap certain keys the buttons of a gamepad, and you can't change the original keyboard inputs.

Here's what buttons do what, for reference.

B - Low Punch N - Medium Punch M - High Punch , - Low + Medium + High Punch G - Low Kick H - Medium Kick J - High Kick K - Low + Medium + High Kick B+G - Throw H+N - V-Trigger Enter - Start

(If you're wondering why the textures look so awful, it's because I've had to reduce the graphics to the bare, bare, bare minimum to get things going on my work laptop. Forgive me.)

But the worst part of all of this? The PC port displays all inputs as A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT instead of their keyboard equivalents. It's annoying if you fire up the game without a controller, because it doesn't tell you what keys are bound to what. Even Street Fighter 4 was able to display keyboard binds, so you'd think Capcom would find a way to patch that into the PC version post-haste.

It's a frustrating omission, but then we've known for ages that SF5 would be rushed out the gate. The in-game challenges and shop won't be patched into the game until March, while the full campaign is due out in June.


    yeah PC Gamers review in progress isnt being kind at all. PC gamer have basically called it an Early Access game without being Early Access

    Unless you're competing in the EVO tornament, don't bother picking it up yet

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      Competitive 1v1 fighting games like Street Fighter are all about the competition. That function at least is intact. To that end, the competitive players are pretty happy. It's only those players who cared about the single player experience that would be disappointed.

      I'm not saying the situation doesn't suck, especially if you were looking forward to single player modes. Just saying that Capcom's catered to what the majority of the fanbase wanted.

      Mind you, it seems the servers and general online mode aren't that flash...so...yeah.

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        its been rushed so that the people dont have to switch versions halfway through the season, its why missing 50% of the game. thus unless you are actually a pro gamer or atempting to go pro it best to wait until everything has been released ( DLC excluded obviously)

          You don't have to be a pro or attempting to be a pro. You can be a competitive player and not be a pro or aspiring pro. This appeals to those competitive players as well, which I imagine would make up a large portion of the game's playerbase. I don't know too many SF players that are happy to sit on single player, and the stuff that's missing is mostly single player content.

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    Why on earth would anyone play SF with a keyboard?

      My housemate plays fighting games on a keyboard. He's specifically bound attacks to the number pad and it works rather well.

        I actually find keyboard more comfortable than a gamepad for most fighting games, I'm completely useless at SF(and other 6 button fighters) with a gamepad. Still doesn't compare to a fight pad though.

          If you have the dosh, invest in a hitbox (Hitbox Arcade). I'm like you, I hate using pads and fightsticks and am pretty proficient at using the keyboard, I can't do consoles and offline meets with a keyboard. The hitbox is a great controller/input device that covers that very small niche.

            I guess this is why I never really got into fighting games on home consoles. I always end up frustrated with the control schemes because they've never lived up to the solid feeling of nailing an amazing combo on a good ol' flat six button + joystick layout on arcade consoles. And the commercial hitboxes you find in retail stores just aren't built to last or don't have the solid feel so you end up having to reign in your movements. It's utterly frustrating... or maybe I'm just getting old.

            I already have two fight sticks(I won that street fighter arcade competition :D ), so I use those when I'm playing SF4 or MvC3 or whatever else I have on my Xbox 360, when I get the money I'll buy a small PC to put in there instead to run my PC fighting games as well.

      I'm using a I-PAC 2 to bind buttons to a keyboard mapping (mostly use in arcade cabinet), without the possiblity to bind keys in the game, I just can't play the game with my arcade panel.

      I'm pretty frustrated about that.

        You can use the ultimarc I-PAC Configuration Utility to make a new keyset that works with SF5, plays fine on my arcade cabinet with my I-PAC Ultimate. I don't think 2 players is possible with an I-PAC though.

      Because with a certain program you can map your keyboard to mimic the Hitbox arcade stick which makes any fireball & shoryuken motion lightning fast.

    This sounds like Capcoms gone all out to ensure the games a mega clusterf*ck from day one....

      "How far can we push the PC audience, while still being less hated than MKX?"

        What did MK do wrong in regards to PC? I don't remember hearing complaints.

          From what I heard: broken installer at launch, persistent bugs/performance issues up 'til this day, and recently they in effect abandoned the port by not bringing the second kombat pack, MK XL, or the rewritten netkode to the PC version. Basically the PC version is dead.

            Please tell me that's just you being clever and they didn't actually say "netkode" themselves.

          What fnrslvr said - it's basically abandonware, except for still costing $60 on Steam.

            also warner bros being lazy. it does make you think though, MK9 was fantastic so you gotta wonder why MKX was so terrible

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              As I understand, they outsourced the port... either the team were given fuck-all time, or just weren't very good at their job, because WB had to get a second 3rd party to panic-patch it.

              Then they just gave up, probably with "PC players keep returning our games anyway, for some reason".

    The in-game challenges and shop won’t be patched into the game until March, while the full campaign is due out in June.

    Buy now and get the demo!

    It's even worse if you're trying to use a fightstick that doesn't use XInput.
    Had to use the JoyToKey method above, but it only works for one controller, meaning local multi-player is a no go.

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    why does it show xbox buttons when the game isn't coming to xbox?

      Because it is compatible, by default, with XBox 360 and Xbox One controllers on the PC.

    If youre a silly silly bumface then get ready. everyone else has a controller; you silly bumfaces

    I'm one of the minority who is far better at fighting games using the keyboard, as i have logged many hours playing emulators especially with the classic SF2, MK and Killer Instinct.

    I hope they fix this by the time the DLC comes out, i'll probably be waiting a while until this one drops in price anyway as i don't play fighting games online =P

    Otherwise i can just use my wireless Xbone or PS3 controller i guess.

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