I’m Just Saying, This Is Probably The Most Impressive Video Game Doorway Transition I’ve Ever Seen

I’m Just Saying, This Is Probably The Most Impressive Video Game Doorway Transition I’ve Ever Seen

I don’t want to make too big a deal about this but did you see the way her shoulder knocked those bricks loose? I’m replaying Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC, and have been appreciating some of the smaller details about the game as I’ve played.

Most of the time, when Lara Croft moves through a cave entrance or some other nook or cranny, she does a canned “Lara moves through a small space” animation similar to what Nathan Drake does in the Uncharted games.

It looks like this:

She kinda sidesteps through, not actually touching anything as she goes.

One time, however — during a prison break sequence about a third of the way into the game — the transition is different. Check out the full clip:

Look at that shit! It’s ridiculously detailed. As Lara works her way into the gap she’s punched in the wall, her left shoulder knocks two bricks loose. Then she commits and pushes through, with her right shoulder taking out some additional bricks on the way. Check out her character animations, too, how she massages her right shoulder after pushing through, working back to an equilibrium and taking in her surroundings.

Why on earth did this one transition get so much more attention than every other transition in Rise of the Tomb Raider? Was it part of a press demo, or something like that? Could be. I believe this is the only transition like it in the game, though if it does repeat, it repeats very infrequently.

Regardless of the whys and the hows and the whens, the fact remains: Someone programmed those bricks, man. Someone rigged them up, and someone put the whole thing together. Here’s to those bricks.


  • Actually, those bricks on the right-hand side, it looks like she is dislodging them with her booby. That’s the best way to dislodge something. With a boob.

  • The doorway translations in this game are always great displays of camerawork and revealing lighting effects.

  • Reminds me of when I played the Final Fantasy XV demo and had Noctis squeeze through the cave.

  • I remember being amazed while playing FarCry2 when the camera looks down as he grabs and turns the door handle. I had been saying games should do that for years before I finally saw it then. Don’t know if it was the first FPS to do it though.

    • Breakdown on the orignal Xbox was the first game I saw to do this. The game was janky as hell, but it’s one of my favourites. It really committed to the persistent first person view more than any game before (and probably even after, too).

    • I just upgraded to a GTX 970 and I’m playing in 4K…its running really well with my old II x6 1090t CPU.
      Its probably running in the mid 30FPS range with most setting cranked up.
      Noticeable slowdown during cut-scenes with hero character models on screen.

      If your a buff for smooth game-play Id say grab it on console.

      • I don’t think i could play it on console, apparently only runs 30fps on xbone. I Personally don’t care if my game looks completely potato as long as it stays above 60fps, 144 preferred. I play many games on med/low 1080 with no AA because nothing ruins my immersion like frame drops. It has always bothered me that console games these days make the game as pretty as possible while sacrificing my ability to actually play it properly. I doubt they would have lost any sales if they used the same lighting and texture quality as the previous tomb raider and let it run at 60 on the xbone.

        • Agreed! Being an absolute flight and racing sim nerd, FPS IS EVERYTHING for me in terms of immersion so I don’t hesitate to dial back the eye candy.
          I think the eye candy obsession with console games these days may stem from “console gamers” being relatively new to video gaming. where as the “older generation” of gamers who started their journey with the very first digital games have a more game-play oriented approach to their gaming kicks!
          That’s just my personal opinion / theory.

  • Just playing at this very moment and can confirm when u break out of your cell that she slides thru the crack and dislodges some bricks. As alluded to above,possibly with her boobie.

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