Iron Man Just Threw A Little Shade At The X-Men

Iron Man Just Threw a Little Shade at the X-Men

Damn, Tony. That's harsh. The villain plaguing Earth's Mightiest Heroes throws up a force-field in this week's All-New, All-Different Avengers #6. When Spider-Man notes that it's a formidable obstacle, the guy in the red-and-gold armour ain't having it.

Iron Man Just Threw a Little Shade at the X-Men
Iron Man Just Threw a Little Shade at the X-Men

Definitely the snarkiest way to get a reference to classic X-Men covers in there.


    Don't use the term 'shade'. It's incredibly stupid and you bring the quality of Kotaku down by using it.

      I know you can't respond as you need to keep your job dude ( and for the record I don't always agree with your views on comics ), so please allow me:
      Don't attend 'parties'. They can be incredibly fun, and you could possibly bring the quality of one down by going.

      Sorry, but really? Is it that offensive to see this sort of slang accompanying an article on comics? Or any internet entertainment news site for that matter.

        im with you. nothing wrong with using the word shade.
        if the shoe fits, take it off and throw it at panyue.

        Last edited 26/02/16 9:03 am

          I hope I have the dodging reflexes of George Bush

        You clearly love slang, since you're willing to call 2 photos and half a paragraph an 'article' , but you sound way more offended than the first guy.

          I mean I don't love slang, but I don't hate it either...
          Ill reiterate this :
          Put your English lit degrees back on your wall and simply stfu 😆

      God could the gaming community get any more entitled. You don't get to call the shots from the comment section!

      This is gaming journalism. It's entertainment. It's not political editorials, it's not rocket science. Let the guy create entertaining columns the way he wants. If you don't like it, don't read his articles. Better still, write something that you think is up to snuff.

      Otherwise, Sod off.

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