JB Hi-Fi Is Going Nuts For Street Fighter 5

If you didn't know already, today's the launch of Street Fighter 5. That may or may not be a big thing for most of you. Fighters aren't everyone's cup of tea.

But that hasn't stopped JB Hi-Fi from having some fun with the game all the same. They're running a competition in their stores for the most original SF5 artwork, with the winning artist getting a prize.

It's a genius marketing stunt on the part of the retailer, distributor and the developer. It's a competition that's open to JB Hi-Fi staff only, and it's being run across every JB Hi-Fi store in Australia.

According to the information provided to Kotaku Australia, the three best stores will win one of three prize packs with a copy of Street Fighter 5 on PS4* and a Turtle Beach Elite 800 headset.

Sydney's Liverpool store has put in a strong entry so far. They produced the Blanka poster, as well as as the neat drawing of Ryu here. Nice work, Liverpool.

The Strand Arcade have gone for effect over accuracy with their display. Blanka looks like a Pokemon going super saiyan down there. And who is Ryu squaring off against? An infant? Something's not right here.

The Morayfield JB store in Queensland has got a nice thing going here. There's the health bars, two of the game's most iconic characters, and the wording's short and sweet. Very well done.

This Shepparton store put up a really nice banner. God I wish I could draw like this.

Ipswich in Queensland went with the cabinet theme, which is smart. It looks a little rough, but the joystick is a nice touch. And extra points for "XBONE" instead of XBO/Xbox One/Xbox/XB1 or something more boring. (But points off for the fact that the game isn't actually being released for Microsoft's console.)

Castle Towers in Sydney's Castle Hill has a smashing Ken poster though. Exceptional work, that.

Victoria's Chadstone have put up a nice stand as well. I feel like this would be better seen in a video than in still frames though; it looks like they have a TV broadcasting footage of the game along with their POS. Pretty smart.

Last but not least: Camberwell in Victoria. They've gone the cabinet route as well, but their effort is far cleaner than their Ipswich rivals. Ryu's mouth looks a little odd, but the artwork is on point. I'm insanely impressed.

Have you seen any other cracking SF5 displays in a JB store near you? And have you been involved in putting one of these together? Get in touch via this email. Update (4:52PM): The prize pack includes a PS4 copy of Street Fighter 5, not a SF5 themed version of PS4.


    must be a lot of art students working for JB

    Why would you promote it for Xbone? It's not available there, disqualified!

      No mention of PC either. Double disqualified!

    Yikes, the howler regarding an Xbox One version aside (still, that's an absolute howler) there's some nice effort there.

    I'd like to see this for Zelda Twilight Princess HD or Dark Souls (say), two games already with an ardent base of fans, who are already pumped, but also recognisable to the punter going in for a wander.

    On second thought there'd be nothing but 'Zelda a girl?!' and 'You Died' gags. Maybe not.

    Ha ha, our discussion of copyright in the other article's comments is quite a propos of some of the artwork here.

    That arcade cabinet effort is great.

    Gah, I'm so susceptible to collective excitement. I didn't want this game, I don't play fighters at all, but now I'm thinking "hmmmmmmmm".

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