JB Hi-Fi Slays Street Fighter V And Star Wars Battlefront

You can always count on those good old JB Hi-Fi reviewers to perfectly sum up a video game.

This time Street Fighter V and Star Wars Battlefront are in the firing line.

These pics were taken by Cam V at the JB Hi-Fi in Knox Westfield. You may remember that we spoke to a number of JB Hi-Fi reviewers about the process of putting reviews in-store. These ones are good — pushing the envelope. Great stuff.

If you see any other cool JB Hi-Fi reviews, feel free to email them here


    This is even more bizarre after the marketing blitz JB helped along for SFV last week, I wonder which lucky employee got the buttered confectionery in the end for those pics.

    While these are true, and funny, I dunno whether they will actually help JB sell these games...

      Agreed. Revisiting the "confessions" story from last month, they're not allowed to give less than 3 stars but what they've written here would still be off putting for some customers.

        You would be surprised by how well a funny bad review can sell stock. I once wrote a nasty review on the Doctor Who NDS game. Gave it half a star, and within 24 hours sold 3 units of a game that I had not sold a copy of in a month.

    "I find your lack of content disturbing"
    Fixed :)

    more odd is that these jbhi labels even warrant articles.
    they've become regular staples now for slow news days.

      at least most are good for a laugh (imo), more than can be said for 90% of Bashcraft's bullshit.

    Haha that SFV one was the first thing I wrote after coming in from playing the game the night before. I was so mad about all the missing content lol. I'm glad other people like it.

    Thanks so much for sharing our reviews all the time. We appreciate knowing people like them :D

      Do some work, Jye! Wondered if it was yourself or Davey Baby that put that one up. :D

    If only their prices were good, I'd buy more from them. As it stands, it's hard to compete with early Big W / Target sales. Still... their pre-order prices are pretty competitive! (I'm looking at you Division).

    I'm fairly sure that I read that SFV review/joke thing in a Steam review a few days ago on an article on this site. One of those Street Fighter as told be Steam reviews things.

      It's almost word for word identical to reviews that appear for any of hundreds of games on Steam that people want to have a DLC whinge about. Some deserved, some not. Definitely not original, and about as funny as a mediocre joke you've heard a hundred times already.

    They moat likely write and photo half of these in the back area, not necessarily ever put on display.

      Nah brah, we put them out, mine have been on Kotaku 4 times now, each sent in by customers that have spotted them.

    Street fighter cops a lot of flack. Does it deserve it? Yeah maybe. Is it a sweet game? Yes, undoubtedly.

    I talked to the guy who wrote the Battlefield one today in store. They don't mind the attention, but it seems head office tries to clamp down on them sometimes. Thought head office doesn't care too much about the gaming ones, but the movie ones

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