Kanye West's On A Video Games Twitter Rampage

Kanye West's On A Video Games Twitter Rampage

Kanye sure has been Tweeting a lot lately. Today's topic? Video games.

Right now, Kanye says that his follow-up to The Life of Pablo will be named...

There's a reason for that choice, of course.

Kanye actually told us a little bit about his favourite games tonight, too.

Not to mention, a few days ago he once again compared himself to a character in Wreck-It-Ralph, the Disney movie about video games. Specifically, he insists he's Vanellope Von Schweetz, AKA the glitch. You know, I can kind of see the similarities...

I kind of doubt his next album will actually be named Turbo Grafx 16, given how many times The Life of Pablo was renamed, but still. This is amazing, especially for a Friday night.

Here's hoping the next thing Kanye Tweets about is his video game's release date!


    Can someone shoot him? He's gone the way of old yeller.

    Absolutely love him. For many reasons. He has no filter whatsoever it must be really liberating.
    And more importantly he keeps producing albums which are next level great.


      no filter? his mouth is more like a sewage outlet. im pretty sure youre being super sarcastic right? :P

        It sure is fashionable to hate him right?
        Yeezus is an absolute masterpiece. His albums have more ideas than most modern artists have in decades and the execution is grandiose.

          What? ok sure youre being super sarcastic now lol
          he has no new ideas he just writes lyrics, the ideas are from his production team :P if you want new ideas in this day and age check out instrumental artists :)

            Not being sarcastic. His work is the product of often large teams, utilising different producers and creatives to realise his projects. But I think his talent lies in his singular vision and perfectionism which is of course fueled by his ridiculous ego. He's one of a kind and the projects would not work without him.
            I'm a big fan of instrumental electronic music and hip hop also, but it's a different beast to what kanye does.

      I greatly respect him as an artist, or at least curator of good ideas, and whilst he's most definitely a dick he sure is an entertaining one.

      Whilst I am not a fan of his later stuff, I give him a pass on everything he says, because he made The College Dropout and Late Registration, which are possibly the two greatest hip-hop albums ever released.

      Have an upvote to combat the haters. The more ridiculous this guy gets the more I like him.

      Don't agree but upvoted to offset being censored for having an opinion.

        I don't think anybody was censoring anybody... it's not like the post got reported or taken down or anything. Just other people had opinions different to the first opinion stated.

          Usually "-5" will mean all future posts need moderating.

            Really? I did not know that.

            *cancels plans to evangalize in Kotaku forums on behalf of Donald Trump*

      I dont know why you're getting downvoted, Id listen to Kanye over Drake a million times over. 808s and Heartbreaks though. Damn.

    Pretty sure Kanye has well and truly lost the plot (although to what i have no idea).

    Between this and his general ramblings on twitter in recent weeks perhaps Dr Phil is required.

      I'd actually love to see that. "Today... on an all-new Dr Phil..."
      I'm of the opinion that Dr Phil is likely the only person on this planet better than Kanye West at producing endless streams of meaningless drivel. It'd be like watching the American Presidential debates only much more relatable.

      Last edited 29/02/16 8:45 pm

        He is running for President in 2020 apparently so this could just be the start.

    Holy batman wtf has happened.

    Last edited 29/02/16 7:09 pm

      Poor sap's losing his mind coz he can't learn to control his ego

    He could go all the way and call his album PC Engine in Japan and not even release it in PAL regions

    Stop the words!

    Lets all applaud the racist! If a white guy was on tape calling people black motherferds they'd be media blacklisted but if its a black star having a tantrum all is ok? Or a white singer saying black peole can't review his music because they don't understand it?

      Who cares? I find it hard to believe that him saying white people shouldn't review his music actually bothers you.

        Calling racism just because someone doesn't give your album a 10 is insulting to people who have actually dealt with racism and then top it off you go attacking staff at an event by insulting their race? I find it insulting the media just goes oh hes eccentric so lets just let it go.

          Maybe so, I was a bit presumptive with my statement. What I was trying to say was that as a white dude, I've never felt like I could experience racism, so I always filed away stuff like Kanye's rant as just random ramblings. It always seemed to me that people who took issue with that sort of stuff were just looking for an avenue to justify their own racism, or to be offended for the sake of being offended.

          Really, I was just tired when I wrote that haha.

        It bothers me. What does skin colour have to do with ability to review music, exactly?

      When you're part of a minority that's been oppressed by white people for centuries it's impossible to be racist towards white people. Did he hurt your feelings by saying that?

        Wow. The mental gymnastics to justify any sort of discrimination.....

        No, no feelings hurt. Although you just lost all credibility with the shit that just dribbled out your mouth.

        Much like Kanye West, useless, racist and full of shit. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        Did i hurt your feelings by saying that?

    can we make it a rule that all kanye and kardashian bullshit stays on pop sugar regardless of the content or context

      I logged in to upvote this, but it won't let me. Please count this as support for your motion.

      You have my sword.
      Actually I might write a letter to the au govt asking for a mandatory internet filter that blocks them all out. the j's and k's are making evolution go backwards.

    This isn't exactly a "rampage". This is actually one of the most coherent set of tweets I have seen from Kanye Kardashian.

    So many salty comments here lol. Kanye is awesome, how many other recording artists could sell out Madison square garden for a album launch/fashion show with less than a weeks notice? Dude is a cultural phenomenon, and Pablo is a great album

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