Killer Instinct’s Latest Returning Fighter Has A Friggin’ Dragon

Killer Instinct’s Latest Returning Fighter Has A Friggin’ Dragon

During this week’s Killer Instinct Cup at PAX Middle (I’m in the South, and it’s not here) Iron Galaxy revealed the new look for classic character Kim Wu. She’s come a long way since Killer Instinct 2. East Asian martial artist Kim Wu was 17 years old when we last met. Fans have been eagerly awaiting her new look since they found out she’d be joining fellow Killer Instinct 2 character Tusk and Battletoads‘ Rash in the battle against Gargos in Season 3 of the Xbox One exclusive fighter.

The season format continues to grow on me as the game’s story slowly coalesces. They have been building up to the return of the second game’s boss for a while, and it’s great to see some of the warriors drawn to the upcoming battle have some spunk to them.

The Kim Wu reveal came with a massive list of season three update patch notes, which you can read in their entirety over at Long story short, everybody gets tweaked. Wu!


  • It’s still a travesty that this isn’t appearing on a Nintendo platform. Yes I know Microsoft has the rights to it and all that, doesn’t make me any less bummed about it.

  • I would almost buy season 3 just for the Arbiter… which has been teased already! Will probably just buy the character on his own though. Burned out after two seasons!

  • A few notable things:

    1. They later tagged the Arbiter tease onto the end of Kim Wu’s trailer, apparently to coincide with revealing the news at a Halo tournament that was going on at the time.
    2. Better than reading the rebalance notes for yourself, you can watch KI’s combat designers Adam ‘Keits’ Heart and Isaac ‘Delriach’ Torres deliver the notes (and demonstrate them with a preview build of the game) live at the KI World Cup, complete with the reactions of the game’s most passionate and competitive players live in attendance. It’s pretty infectious and awesome. Maximillian (whose Twitch channel was used to broadcast the Cup) has since uploaded the footage to Youtube in two parts:

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