Lady Gaga Looked Like A Pokémon At The Super Bowl

Lady Gaga Looked Like A Pokémon At The Super Bowl

Who wore it better yesterday: Blaziken or Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga sang the Super Bowl national anthem yesterday, and throughout the performance, she had a pretty distinctive get-up and hairdo. Hilariously, people thought Lady Gaga resembled all sorts of geeky and nerdy things, not just Pokémon.

Let's take a closer look and judge the comparisons, shall we?

Top image: @BearUNLV.


    I love how as soon as it hits home time for the Australian staff and the American reposts start, it's nothing but shit like this and Bashcraft's inane drivel. And don't forget Plunkett's single caption GIFs!

    This is ridiculous.

    She's obviously dressed as M.Bison for that SFV hype. Gosh.

    Ah she's obviously cosplaying as John Travolta's character from Battlefield Earth.

    So they both wear red is that the connection?
    I just don't see it.

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