Latest Firewatch Update For PS4 ‘Significantly Improves’ Game Experience

Latest Firewatch Update For PS4 ‘Significantly Improves’ Game Experience

PS4 players of Campo Santo’s Firewatch who’ve been jealously eyeing off their PC counterparts, it’s time to glare elsewhere. The developer has released a meaty update for the game on Sony’s console.

The details are up in full on Campo Santo’s website, but here are the pointy points:

  • Draw distance and shadow render distance have been improved, which should remove significant texture popping.
  • Streaming loading and unloading has been significantly adjusted with extra safeties so you should no longer see loading happen right in front of you.
  • We got Unity to fix a very rare hang that could occur when loading and unloading scenes.
  • Many instances of unstable framerate have been improved.
  • Auto-saves are now far less frequent, as they were causing the worst framerate hitches we have been seeing.
  • Several places where people were escaping the world or getting stuck in collision have been refined. Also, if you are stuck in an endlessly falling state, the game will attempt to put you back, either through loading the last save or respawning Henry aboveground.
  • Various cases where you were able to interrupt or break your current quest have been safeguarded.

The post goes on to mention that the developer is “working with Unity” to update the game’s engine to the middleware provider’s latest, which it says should provide better and bigger improvements.

Good stuff!

FIREWATCH PS4 PATCH 1.02 IS LIVE! [Campo Santo, via Polygon]


  • That was quick, patches like this usually take a while to happen on consoles. Good thing too, the choppy at times frame rate, that hitch when loading locations and getting stuck on top of rocks several times were my only real qualms with the game. Something to look forward to for on the 2nd play through.

    • >That was quick, patches like this usually take a while to happen on consoles.

      I’ve only done a little bit of console work, and on 360 but I am guessing they all have quite strict and often annoying approval processes, requiring arcane knowledge and full of invisible pitfalls. That might be part of why updates can be slow.

      It says the developer is working with Unity, so the success of the game and it’s profile might mean they are getting a lot of bonus support. Unity would want to be able to showcase the success of their platform.

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