League Of Legends Players Raise Just Under $200,000 For Cancer Research

It all started with a 8 year-old-girl who was diagnosed with bone cancer nearly a decade ago. Her name was Julia, and despite the horrific turn of events she continued to enjoy life as best she could.

One of those passions was League of Legends. Fast forward to 2016 and Julia has since passed away. But the community hasn’t forgotten her, and the teenager’s passing is being used for an excellent cause.

Using #PourJulia as a rallying cry, the League community and a group of streamers have bandied together for a week to raise funds for cancer research as a way of remembering one of their own.

In total 54 streamers and their viewers combined to raise $197,350 (US$140,007), an incredible effort given the grassroots nature of the donation drive and its lack of attachment to a major event.

Foxdrop, one of the streamers who contributed and helped organise the event, said he was “beyond words” at the reception from the community. “I wasn’t even sure if enough people would be on board to make this happen. A week later, and we’ve gone far beyond anything anyone could have expected or predicted.”

Some of the streamers also donated substantial amounts from their own pockets, with Brofresco putting up US$5000 and Gosu donating US$7000. Foxdrop, who was also a close friend of Julia, added in a thread that he also contributed a few thousand from his own coffers to proceedings as well.

It’s a heartwarming effort from a community infamous for its toxicity to each other and gamers from other communities. Given the circumstances that befell Julia — which included being stuck in the Bataclan concert hall that was targeted during last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris — it’s a touching, and appropriate, way to say farewell.

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