Leatherface's Mortal Kombat Fatality Doesn't Go Far Enough

Video: My first thought after seeing a person sawed in half from skull to waist should not be "That's it?" Way to desensitise me to violence, Mortal Kombat X.


    I think if they made it look like the chainsaw had to work to get through all that flesh and bone, it would have been more satisfying. It was over too soon. Kind of like Jason's machete kill. It's clearly inspired by Kane Hodder's kill in Hatchet, so he could have taken a few more whacks at him.

    Considering Shinnok has a brutality that rips off his opponents faces you'd think Leatherface would have something similar.

    Leatherface's brutality goes pretty far though!

    Does anyone else find it funny that in a lot of cases, the XRay moves are actually far more brutal than the actual fatalities???

      I've felt that was a problem in MK9 that got worse with MKX. The x-Ray moves have so much potential because they show your character getting seriously injured and your wince is doubled because you lose a huge chunk of your life bar. But when the x-Rays are so elaborate that they're more violent and deadly than actual fatalities, and your character just jumps up and fights on without hindrance, it makes you kind of numb to their ridiculousness and also makes the fatalities seem less meaningful - the fatalities feel less like a brutal - or even lethal - full stop at the end of a fight when your character can survive, and is unaffected by, having their face completely impaled by a gigantic sword!

    The brutalities are more fun to pull off anyway.
    A lot of the fatalities in MKX left me asking "is that it?" But the brutalities just felt more fun to end with.

    Remember when we all used to queue up in front of the arcade machine just to watch some stranger using sub zero humiliate another stranger with a simple spine and head removal? Maybe there is an inkling of truth to desensitisation after all

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