Life Should Just Be One Enormous Set Of The Witness Puzzles

If you're anything like anyone who plays The Witness, you're already seeing Witness puzzles in real life.

But this is different. This is an actual Witness puzzle generator. In real life.

It randomly generates puzzles in the style of The Witness.

It was made by YouTube user Marian519 and works with a Raspberry Pi. It's essentially a 16x16 LED matrix with some fancy code behind it.

It started life looking like this:

Then this happened...

And this:

Then the magic started happening.

Then it looked like this.

Finally, thanks to this code, the LED display started randomly generating Witness puzzles.

Part of me wants someone to make this work on a grander scale. Like have a house that is literally wired up to a series of these displays. Like the first one is your alarm going off. You need to solve a puzzle to make it stop. That puzzle then links to another puzzle that you need to solve in order to get hot water to your shower. That one then links to another one that turns on your electricity.

Oh man, maybe life should just be one enormous set of Witness puzzles. Make it happen.


    I've just started playing The Witness today, and I feel like I'm going to irrevocably lose myself in it. About two hours of play and I've already got three pages of notes.

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