Luigi Beats New Smash Bros. DLC Characters By Doing Absolutely Nothing

Luigi Beats New Smash Bros. DLC Characters By Doing Absolutely Nothing

Video: It is 2016, and the Year of Luigi still hasn't ended. Once again, Luigi finds a way to destroy the competition without so much as lifting a finger in this video by Omega Tyrant. It's flipping hilarious to watch all the new DLC characters, from Bayonetta to Mewtwo, destroy themselves in a useless attempt to kill Luigi. They're all level nine CPUs!

What makes this video even better is just how close some of these matches are. In some clips, Luigi is seconds from dying — but shenanigans of some kind kill the attacker instead. And I can't believe Luigi wins the match at the end, against all the characters at once. Madness.

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    He deliberately chooses pretty janky stages but it's still pretty funny, and has become a meme and a running joke in every Smash game now. No Smash game is complete until someone puts out a "Luigi wins by doing nothing" video.

    That final battle against all of them at once though was pretty rigged. It was a team game with friendly fire on so the AIs were killing members of their own team by accident, and Luigi won because he died less times than the total of the other 7 AIs. If that was actually a standard free for all without teams on, Luigi would have lost easily as there were at least 3 of the AIs with less deaths than him.

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