Marvel’s Diablo Plays Better With A Game Controller Too

Marvel’s Diablo Plays Better With A Game Controller Too

Diablo-esque MMO Marvel Heroes recently kicked off its 2016 season with a massive update, introducing new character models, Spider-Man’s feline friend/foe Black Cat, leaderboards and more. But the coolest new addition is the ability to play with buttons and analogue sticks.

Not that playing the Marvel Comics’ themed free-to-play PC game was particularly challenging with mouse and keyboard. It’s just with folks playing more and more PC games via their television, a more living room friendly option is called for. And while nothing official has been announced, it sure is nice to see those Xbox button prompts popping up in one of my favourite low commitment massively multiplayer games.

I played around with gamepad control in the office earlier this week, and while it took a while to get used to and a fair bit of tweaking to get everything set up the way I liked it, there were plenty of options to get me to that point. Gazillion prepared a video documenting the feature that shows how gamepad controls work and how far customisation can go.

Thanks, Andrew Hair.

Marvel Heroes 2016, as they’re calling it now, has plenty of fresh content lined up over the upcoming year. Folks can grab it on Steam for PC or Mac (now out of beta) and futz with it for free.

And if you’re an existing player, feel free to share your experience with the latest update in the comments below. Good? Bad? Playing something else instead now? Share with the class.


  • Might be enough tget me to try it again, but I’m worried I’ll still be sitting there wishing it was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 or something.

  • Been playing since beta, and still playing today. Absolutely love this game. So much to do. So much variety when it comes to character and their powers/abilities and gear. There really is something for everyone. With everything on offer, it’s sometimes hard to believe it’s really free to play.

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