Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

Marvel put together an awesome re-imagining of Avengers heroes and villains as university students. They recruited top notch voice talent like Alison Brie, Colton Haynes and John Cena. All that design work and talent for a glorified The Simpsons: Tapped Out clone. Look at this key art.

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

I would watch that cartoon. I would read that comic. Up until I got my hands on Avengers Academy, launched this week on iOS and Android, I was chomping at the bit to play the game. I was excited.

Then Marvel and TinyCo announced the voice cast, and I was even more excited. Just look at this cast!

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

Unikitty as Black Widow!

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

TV's Arsenal as Thor!

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

That girl from that thing as Wasp!

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

Anyone at all as Tigra, and not just because she's a cat girl (but mainly that).

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

JOHN CENA AS HULK. Yeah, that one deserved all caps.

With those amazing designs and this awesome cast, how could this game not be spectacular?

And then I played the game. I am no longer excited.

The launch trailer for Avengers Academy contains no gameplay. The press assets I was directed to for Avengers Academy contained no gameplay shots. This makes sense, as there's not a lot of gameplay in Avengers Academy.

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

The game is a series of timed missions. Complete timed missions to earn gold and items to unlock new characters to participate in even more timed missions. In the screenshot above we see Tony Start automatically running to sit in a chair for eight hours after I pushed a button. I have other missions to complete requiring the same building, but I cannot use them until Tony is done sitting there for eight hours. Yay.

Within the first 20 minutes of playing I received a mission to unlock Vision! Yay!

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

Oh. They want me to buy Vision. For almost $US20 ($28) worth of in-game currency. The mission went away after a couple of days, but still screw that.

It makes me sad to see so much effort going into creating this colourful new corner of the Avengers universe, only to have all of it applied to one of the laziest of all mobile game genres. As much as I love seeing Hank Pym at Giant Man size watching young adult Tony Stark playing with test tubes, the idea of grinding non-interactive missions for days to see more cool things I can't play doesn't seem like fun.

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame



    I know the headline should have prepared me for some serious disappointment, but reading all of that potential was just so... oh wow.

    That is just such a shame.

    Another Marvel game wasted as a mobile clone when they could make one in the style of Ultimate Alliance which would be perfect for mobile. Imagine that! I would pay a premium mobile price of say $20 or $30 for a game of that scope.

      But why sell the whole game for $30, when they could make it free to play with each character costing $5? Or perhaps sell character slots so you need to decide who to keep and upgrade, and who to get rid of.

        That would work too. Either way they should just make a quality game like that taking advantage of a touch screen. Or a game like Marvel Heroes.

        Last edited 09/02/16 11:21 pm

    "That girl from that thing as Wasp!"

    We all know where you know her from.

      True. You are quite the Detective, my good sir.

    Definitely pretty but I don:t like the build-and-wait gameplay (some would even call it pay-to-play).
    And the awesome lineup of voice talent is wasted on the tinny speakers of tablet/smartphone devices.

    Go with Avengers Alliance 2

    These "tap and wait" games are part of a great plague on gaming. Developers slowly increased how much they could get away with drip feeding us and how much we were willing to pay for that drip feed. Microtransactions gaming is now here to stay and its strangling the gaming part of the games.

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