Meet The Most Annoying Ken Player In Street Fighter V

Meet The Most Annoying Ken Player In Street Fighter V
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Ken already looks annoying in Street Fighter 5 with his long, blonde bangs, his whiny accent and his habit of putting that smelly foot in your face with every Critical Art.

But that’s nowhere near as frustrating as when Ken is being controlled by someone who’s just plain obnoxious.

This match was uploaded by YouTuber Lythero and it’s a perfect trainwreck in action. It also reminds me of the Daigo/Lupe Fiasco right for its absurdity, but the beauty of this is the Zangief player is just genuinely struggling.

Against non-stop dragon punches.

The timing on the music is pretty great too.

But perhaps one of the most telling aspects of this video is in the description. “Street Fighter V is legit fun, I want to like it, but Capcom need to get this game fixed up and working properly fast,” Lythero wrote.

Good thing they’re working on it.


  • These types of annoying players miss the entire point of playing games. Their only motivation is to win at all costs using cheap tactics or exploits. Seriously if they get any satisfaction out of this behaviour they must be incredibly insecure and pathetic.

    • It’s too bad players playing against each other, but one of them doesn’t know how to avoid the combo. This doesn’t happen at higher levels

    • I doubt that’s his intent, given if he wants to win at all costs this is an awful strategy. I’d say given the silly music and the clip at the end, that he’s clearly just being silly. So yes, he probably gets satisfaction out of just being silly and having fun. I highly doubt that whoever this is, just does dragon punches in all games.
      It sounds like you’re another person that’s been in the position of that zanief. On the receiving end of a terrible but annoying strategy which makes you cry overpowered, unfair and game ruining, just because you’re too rubbish to counter it.

      • Wrong. Idiots like this ruin competitive gaming. They can’t play with any finesse or thought. They never bother to learn how to actually play a game properly and instead resort to trolling and being dicks to win.
        Real players use skill and variety to win.
        You can call my skill into question all you like but while we are making blind assumptions it’s safe to say you’re one of players who employ cheap exploits since you’re so keen on defending them.

        • It’s not cheap if that’s how it works. I personally wouldn’t and don’t play like that but a strategy is a strategy. Don’t hate the player, hate the game son.

          • Maybe in real world example but in a game it is encouraged. Look at the speed run community, the achievement hunter community, and other people who do ridiculous stuff like the guy who played 98 hour of Destiny in the first mission to make it to lvl 40. Also the WoW player who leveled his panda to level 100 in the starting zone being the only level 100 neutral character, Blizzard even made a NPC in commemoration of his achievements.

            Don’t project on others.

            Don’t hate the player, hate the game son.

        • Maybe you should do a bit of research on the player first and maybe realise he isn’t an idiot, and any half decent fighting game player wouldn’t have lost to such a bad tactic. Repeating moves in fighting games = losing, no matter what the move is, it’s the other player who hasn’t learnt how to play the game.

    • While it’s annoying, it was also really easy to punish and avoid. The problem was the Zangief player wasn’t capitalising on the fact that the Ken player didn’t do any other moves by blocking when they knew an attack was coming. Once you set off a dragon punch and it’s blocked, you’re at the other person’s mercy and Zangief hits hard if you end up close to him.

    • Far from the case, Arnna! I may not be the best, but I take some pride in my Marvel skizzles at least. This was specifically a joke video (I don’t even play Ken).

  • What’s the issue here? If you can’t beat someone spamming the same move over and over again then you need more practice.. Anything goes in my opinion.

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