Mega Man Is Still Janky, Still Tough, Still Pretty Great

It’s hard to tell, while playing the newly released Mega Man Legacy Collection for 3DS, whether the constant framerate drops are a new problem or an old problem. It’s easy to look past them, though, because Mega Man. This collection, which is out today on 3DS and also came out on consoles and PC last year, includes the first six Mega Man games as well as a number of optional challenges. There are a couple of modern conveniences, like an options screen and a save file so you don’t have to write down passcodes for each game, but otherwise these are faithful emulations of their NES counterparts, warts and all.

So when there are too many enemies on screen, the framerate will slow to a crawl. When you scroll between areas, the right edge of the screen will flicker. There’s jank all over the place, just as there was on the NES. And Mega Man 4 is still the best, just like it was on the NES.

I’ve been playing this version of the game for the past few days, and I’m digging it a lot. If you’re looking to revisit Capcom’s nail-tough platformers, you could do way worse.


  • I would be all over this, if I could play it.

    I have adapters/converters that allow me to use a real OG NES controller when playing the Virtual Console ports (hell, even Super Mario Maker levels) but they don’t even release it on Wii U.

    I just can’t get my mojo back when playing games like this with offset run and jump buttons, they have to be horizontal. I know that sounds petty but it’s a more than a cosmetic thing for me, it’s muscle memory.

  • I bought 1-6 for the 3DS virtual console.

    How much extra am I getting if I fork over more money to buy the exact same games?

  • Being able to save anywhere takes the difficulty away from the games which was a disappointment but the new challenges were a whole lot of fun.

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