Microsoft’s Vision Of Future NFL Fans Is A Cold, Gimmicky Nightmare

Microsoft’s Vision Of Future NFL Fans Is A Cold, Gimmicky Nightmare

Video: This is how Microsoft wants you to consume the National Football League in the near future. With Hololens goggles, and pinching, and holographic Russell Wilsons (Russell Wilsi?).

It’s the kind of future that only someone working for a giant tech company would want to see. The kind of future that ignores the reality of modern football fandom.


  • I normally think your pretty spot on Luke with your insights, but gotta disagree this time. Personally id watch more sports if i could interact with whats going on to the degree they have shown.

    Chuck in same room intercation with alonline chat/party chat with friends i think it would be a great experience.

    But i think its also sports dependant. Really dont think id watch more tennis, golf or cricket with Hololens.

  • It’s great that these dreams exist. Sure this iteration is likely to be shitty crap, just like the first mobile phones, but one day I’m sure we’ll have awesome and seamless AR. Look how far VR has come already.

    • Definitely. DnD with Yugioh styled hologram minitures would be a blast.

      And speaking of using it to view sports, why not eSports? Watching DotA like that would be pretty fun. Rocket League?

  • Maybe instead of resorting to a cheap neanderthal swipe about football and Microsoft, why not encourage and steer the conversation around AR / VR innovation? You don’t need to be on the hype train, but I expect something more than just taking the piss.

    “Because we came out of the cave, and we looked over the hill and we saw fire; and we crossed the ocean and we pioneered the west, and we took to the sky. The history of man is hung on a timeline of exploration and this is what’s next.”

  • Every advert they show for hololens drastically over sells the viewing angle that it has, which is disappointingly small. Once they have sorted out the viewing angle I will start to be interested, but at this stage it is super early in comparison to where VR headsets are, and not just rift DK1 early, but VR from the 90’s early.

  • It’s just dumb marketers sticking to what they know, try and sell things to ppl with sports. They tried it with 3D TVs too, but sports TV and 3D do not mix as sports filming has lots of fast camera pans following the ball and 3D wants lots of slow transitions to avoid eye confusion. Remember ESPN 3D?

  • Yeah well it’s sports, what did you expect? Something substantial and thought provoking? Sport exists to sell TVs, beer and take money from suckers. Seems like Microsoft’s ‘gimmick’ will certainly further the cause.

  • I’ll be interested once they expand the viewing angle on these things considerably. Also price is pretty steep even for these early versions, I’m not completely sure what the ACTUAL material costs are for them but it seems a bit extreme on the proposed retail price of these things (or dev cost).

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