Mod Restores Butt-Slapping, Crotch Shot To Street Fighter V

Mod Restores Butt-Slapping, Crotch Shot To Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is having some major problems right now, but a minor one in the eyes of some fans has been (unofficially) put right thanks to a mod. In Street Fighter V's beta, the character R. Mika had a cheeky little butt slap. Later, for the final release, that butt slap was removed.

Now, CENAWINSLOL (slightly NSFW link) has found a way to bring it back, by simply replacing the new animation file with one stripped from an earlier beta. Here's a video of the change in action.

There's also a link there to restore Cammy's original intro, which early in the beta had a massive crotch shot, but was later changed to feature a less crotchy camera angle.

Note that this stuff is only for the PC version of the game.


    Sad people rejoice

      People who are against censorship rejoice.

        When did "now we see the finished thing, this animation pass is a bit much - let's redo it" become censorship?

    I feel like the people that will download this mod are the same ones that make/download those creepy loli and sex mods for Skyrim.

      No. The people who will download this mod to return the game to what was originally shown, are the same people who download the 'kill children' Skyrim mod, because sound files in the game show that it was originally an option.

        Because gratuitous crotch shots = artistic integrity.

        Speaking of the "kill the children" mod, if we're to use that as an example. What exactly do you gain from the ability to do that other than "because it was originally in the game!"

        Last edited 19/02/16 7:07 pm

          One could make the argument for complete player agency in a sandbox scenario. Doesn't make much difference to me though, I don't even engage with regular old pedestrian murder in GTA games.

        It's called editing. Books, journalism, art, movies and music have this. So do games.
        Just because some element of a game was at one time proposed doesn't mean it should necessarily remain.
        Every time this occurs a bunch of people clutch onto their binary thought process that 'the man' is trying to censor or ruin their fun.
        It's not part of a larger conspiracy. No reptilian overlords are stealing your freedom.
        I hear porn is good for sweaty tittilation. Missing out on seeing some polygonal girls undercarriage won't shatter the mighty scales of justice.

        This is the big difference with our favorite form of art. Art is not a democratic thing. Yes it can be influenced by opinion but ultimately it's at the mercy of the creator and so it should be. Yet with video games (e word warning) we have that inherit entitlement that we need to have a say in how our games are made. Perhaps it's because there is a core function behind video games (i.e. the mechanics of the gameplay) and there can be legitimate gripes with functional aspects of games (i.e. HUD is crappy, game is buggy, gameplay is frustrating) we think that should extend to artistic decisions. Part of the reason that we have this entitlement I would suggest is also because you just don't know what you're going to get with a game in terms of value. You go see a movie you know it's $18 for 90-120 mins. You pay for a painting you already know if you like it. You pay for a game there are so many more unknowns that it's a bigger risk and investment.

          I think it's even simpler:
          Early Access and Beta Access (even early E3 videos/demos from years ago.

          I don't think video games are the 'special case' here. It just so happen that gamers have more opportunities for a 'look-in' than any other audience.
          I would expect the exact same complaints about changes from zealous fans of film, had they seen an early screening; or of books, had they gotten an early draft.

    How about "Hurray for people standing up for what the artists/animators originally designed"?
    People who want to restore the game to the original animation are just sad people... Wow, thank you hivemind western censorship.

      When the supposed censorship people like you so feverishly rally against is anything more than an argument to see a digital vagina shape , I'll take you seriously.

        "When the supposed censorship people like you"
        That's a kinda of a very prejudicial statement, what kind of people are they in your mind?
        To me they're pretty ordinary people, most men like raunchy women characters.
        Personally I think it's silly but I'm going to call them sad.

        What's sad is people being afraid to say that they find women or men's bodies attractive out of fear of being called sad. It's unrealistic and silly and porn is not really healthy or good, but pretending a natural attraction is something to be shunned is way more unhealthy.

        Alot of this type of pc talk to me has only worked to push men and women further apart.

        I don't really think anyone can decide the context of censorship, why that would be....censorship?

      Animators make like the recut instead of the original. Most artist are always looking to improve their work and maybe they found the wide shot felt odd or forced or was 0.5second too long so they wanted to shorten it. Not every cut is censorship.

        With Cammy, a similar shot has been in pretty much every Street Fighter game. Why remove it now?

          Because realistically speaking it is completely unnecessary and add absolutely nothing to gameplay or mechanics. It could've been removed because of censorship but also they may have found it pointless. I dunno, I watch anime and the thing that sh*ts me the most is the stupid pandering to Japanese culture of panty-shots and up upskirts and all that weird fetish crap. Maybe they found this fell in line with that and opted to try to remove it.

    People wanted to restore this.. why?

      For the same reason other games have been modded to add/change things that were originally in the game. To undo censorship.

    What? Why do you have an inherent entitlement on how a game is made? And there's absolutely no reason why you have to buy a game whilst being clueless about how it plays, not in this era of youtube/twitch/the internet allowing you to see the game before you buy it. There's a certain element of caveat emptor, but still.

    As far as how a creative product is made, *you have no rights*, whether it's a game or a movie or whatever. There are only common conventions, not scripture.

      I don't know what you're trying to say... like they're not allowed to change it?
      and well yet they did anyway!

    Geez people. Just let them mod their game. That's like the whole point, to be able to modify the game to whatever aims a player pleases. As long as it doesn't mess up the fun of other players I don't see what the fuss is.

    Only reason I'm adding this back in is because it's been in pretty much every Street Fighter game. Why remove it now?

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