Modder Is Trying To Make XCOM 2's Snake Ladies Sexier

Modder Is Trying To Make XCOM 2's Snake Ladies Sexier

I suppose this was inevitable. Somewhat notoriously, XCOM 2 has snake lady enemies called Vipers. They're alien snake monsters with boobs, which of course flies in the face of hella biology, but whatever. Aliens. They don't play by our silly, boob-less rules, apparently. Maybe they store venom in there. Or maybe Firaxis didn't take time to consider that there are other ways of saying, "this = lady." Regardless, we still got an enemy type that will wreck your shit if you're not careful with your troop positioning.

In the grand tradition of mods that sex up PC games (some of which are actually really interesting and experience-altering), modder RekinXXXL embarked on a quest to redo Vipers' animations with a seductive "femme fatale" flair. The resulting Sassy Viper Mod isn't a nudity patch or anything so, um, alarming, but it's... something. It's still early, but here's what RekinXXXL has so far:

I actually think it's pretty cool that sexy mods, as A Thing, exist, and you know, some people are into sexy anthropomorphic stuff. But in this particular case, I feel like the first YouTube comment says it all: "Look upon what you have wrought, Firaxis, and despair."


    I don't recall the Snakes being identified as female? Infact, if anything they identify them as the thin-men from the first game who have revealed their true forms.

    This sounds like someone who just wants to fap while they play...

      Yeah I thought the same, they are referred to similar to thin men. Although isnt there two types of snake people? one with Blue'ish scales and other with Orange? I thought the Blue ones were maleand the orange ones where female.

        I thought the colours were just for marking out the different grades of enemies, like how the Advent troops go from basic to elite over time.

      I've read more online articles mentioning transexuals during the 2010's than any other decade.

      So this doesn't surprise me at all.

    I guess that you could give them a big red bow on their head, large eyelashes and lipstick?

    On the topic of boobs, those aren't mammary glands. From memory, if you go over the autopsy (maybe the spoken part?) it says that they're venom sacs, which makes sense considering that it spits poison over an insane distance.

    Also, I think Firaxis does know there're other ways of distinguishing males from females. The berserkers are apparently female.

    I'm confused. So is this undoing censorship or not?


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