New Dark Souls 3 Footage Appears, Watch It Before It Goes Down

It still looks like Dark Souls. It still looks good. And you've got your Bloodborne-style dodge alongside the standard sidestep dodge.

It's Dark Souls 3.

New footage of Dark Souls 3's Thief popped up this morning, with the developers supposedly running a private livestream. I say supposedly, because it didn't stopped several YouTubers republishing the footage.

It runs for just under 7 minutes and gives you a fairly good idea of the game's movement, some basic enemy attack animations and an insight into what things have carried over from Bloodborne. There's also a lengthy discussion from the developers, but it's in Japanese. Enjoy!

The shot of the snowy mountains is quite nice, considering the dank, decrepit surroundings within. DS3 is looking like mighty nice so far, even to someone who's not devoted to the series. (I'm pretty sure Mark, our resident Dark Souls fanatic, would agree though.)


    My memory's a bit foggy, but about the blue magic bar:

    Demon Souls: Had it

    Dark Souls: Didn't have it

    Dark Souls 2: Had it?

    Also, I wonder how they are approaching the backstab stuff in this one. I didn't like the 'zoom in for your killllllll' stuff from DS2. You couldn't see anything else around you.

      The backstab seems to be similar to bloodborne. Charge attack from the back and invulnerable during the animation based on the video.

      Official support for magic class I guess with the mana bar. Magic was OP back in Demon Souls.

    I like the shift closer to Bloodborne in terms of gameplay speed/emphasis on dodging. I'm interested to see if turtling with a shield will still be viable, and how the two approaches will be balanced. Even Bloodborne's "slow" builds such as the great axe were pretty fast.

      If only you weren't a wussy scrub too afraid to play DS2 :(

        M8, did you beat Ebrietas? Don't think so.

        It's because my reflexes and skills are too fast for such a slow, turtle-y game like DS2 ;)

        Last edited 04/02/16 12:21 pm

          Why actually I did beat Ebrietas, thanks for asking.

          As well as Ludwig the Holy Blade, Lady Maria, the Living Failures, Laurence and the Orphan of Kos.


          The Last Giant, The Pursuer, The Executioner's Chariot, the Skeleton Lords, the Flexile Sentry, the Old Dragonslayer (and dragon out front), the Smelter Demon, the Rotten, the Old Iron King, the Looking Glass Knight, The Duke's Dear Freja, the Covetous Demon, Mytha, Scorpioness Najka, Royal Rat Authority, Royal Rat Vanguard, the Ruin Sentinels, the Belfry Gargoyles, the Lost Sinner, Demon of Song, the Guardian Dragon, Velstadt, Vendrick, Darklurker. all the Dragonriders, the Giant Lord, the Prowling Congregation, the Throne Watcher and Defender, the Ancient Dragon and of course Nashandra and Aldia.

          while you were shooting at loldestinyfanxxXX2002 and friends I believe.

          GOML M80

          Last edited 04/02/16 3:09 pm

    Im not expert on these games but it looked way more like bloodbourne then a dark souls game. Even though they are very similar games

    I'm still on the fence about 3. The video highlighted my main problems with the Souls series in that the environments are starting to look a lot alike, and so are the enemies and their movesets. The asset reuse I don't mind so much but those enemies in the video had the same combo the hollow zombies had at the start of DaSo1 (amongst others across the games) which means that I'm just going to be using the strategies and tactics I've already learned rather than coming up with new ones, diminishing the challenge.

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