New Game Is A Lot Like P.T. But, Sadly, Isn't P.T.

In the wake of Silent Hills' cancellation and the utterly idiotic removal of P.T. from the PlayStation Store, there have been a lot of games in the works that look like P.T. but sadly, are not P.T..

Visage is another one. It looks quite good!

The team behind Visage has released a pretty cool 15 minute gameplay trailer. I recommend watching it. It has that homely, familiar yet terrifying vibe to it.

Visage is also midway through a Kickstarter, where the team are asking for a pretty lowball amount ($35,000) especially for a game that already seems so far along, with such high production values.

Regardless, I'm keen.


    Can I scrub the save data for PT, but still keep the game?

    I'd like to start from scratch to show visitors, but I'm right near the end with those scraps of paper and not really feeling it.

    I went to play P.T the other day but found that it was deleted, which I definitely didn't do.. Don't know who the culprit was.

      I know it's been officially removed from distribution. I went looking for it the other day.

        Yep, that why I was making sure to keep a copy on my PS4.. Devastated

    It's good to see that indie devs are really treading new grounds when it comes to the horror genre (AKA YouTube/Kickstarter fodder)

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