Not Your Average Pokémon Cosplay

Not Your Average Pokémon Cosplay

At first glance, this group of cosplayers look like a band of Norse Warrior Goddesses. They're not. They're the nine different versions of... Eevee. So basically, Eeveelution cosplay. Bravo.

The cosplayers here are:

Eevee: Becka Noel Leafeon: Lyz Brickley Espeon - Danielle Beaulieu Jolteon - Jessica Nigri Flareon - Joanna Mari Cosplay Vaporeon - Andy Rae Cosplay Umbreon - Hooked On Phoenix Cosplay Glaceon - Caroline Dawe Art & Cosplay Sylveon - Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay

Photographer is this guy. Full-size shot below.

Not Your Average Pokémon Cosplay

And for reference:

Not Your Average Pokémon Cosplay


    I want that Eeveelution shield. I want it so bad! >_

      ,,,I find this photo arousing and intimidating at the same time...

    That's rather creative way of doing it, also very .... distracting too :)

    No, I'm pretty sure they are actually Norse Warrior Godesses, many have way better abs than me, and way better cosplay skills.

    I have no abs

    Cosplay has gotten so damn good that it is actually a bit disheartening.

    Last edited 17/02/16 9:13 am

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