Now Everyone Is Invited To The Division Beta

The Division had a closed beta. That was pretty good, people seemed to enjoy it. But you know what's better than a closed beta? An open beta.

Especially if you weren't invited to the closed beta.

Anyway, starting from February 19 (February 18 if you're on the Xbox One) anyone and everyone can play The Division beta. Players can preload the beta starting from February 16.


    Any info on level cap etc this time round?

      I hear it's going to stay the same as last time - Level 8.

      However we can now get the 'Turret' skill through a new mission! :D

        Level 8 in story mode and Level 12 in the Dark Zone (PvP zone for the uninitiated), just like the closed beta.

    *cough* timed demo *cough*

      From the consumer's pov, it's the very definition of a promotional demo. From the developer's pov, they've got two weeks max until they need to start printing discs (realistically, that's probably already commenced), which means the most they can be doing is stress-testing their server-side components, and working on a launch-day patch for any bugs found through the brute-force playtesting that QA can't realistically achieve.

        Also, that bug list they published from the alpha was insane.

      and?! either way its still better than offering no beta/demo/whatever and then having a whiners complain that they dont like the game after buying it. oh but wait whiners are still complaining because they get it something for free

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        "Does not provide demo" Worst publisher, time to pirate to "demo" and "purchase it later"

        "Provide demo" Good job but demo is too short I need to play longer to see if it is my type of game, will pirate it and "purchase it later"

        "Give beta" Complains that it is a timed demo, still pirates it in the end because of reason same as above.

        This is the use case for every PC gamers that only pirate games and their justifications.

        Not to mention all the bullshit about Uplay no buy crap.

    wait, nvm, reading fail.

    this is excellent.

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      It's multiplatform, just like the closed beta. The One gets an extra day.

        Yeah after i reread I realise this and so went back and edited my comment..

    So the beta ends on the 21st, not that keen on downloading 30 gig for a few days,

      If you downloaded the last one apparently this will work with that... it just needs a patch.

        Exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks!

      This is why I didn't bother trying it last time, Im not wasting 30 gig to play for a day or two.

      30 gig is a small fraction of the monthly download limit for most gamers.

      Also if you plan on buying it then the beta install will likely only need a patch on release rather than downloading the 30 gig again.

    Having played the last beta, let me tell you'all...

    This is some good shit.

      Spent maybe 18 hours in the Dark Zone alone. Met heaps of awesome people and had some hilarious Rogue-stunts.

      Looking forward to this now that they've addressed a *huge* majority of issues people noted in the Closed Beta. I'm curious as to how many more NPC encounters there will be.

        I'm actually hoping the stupid Rogue-stunts will be slightly patched. At least they have to make it so that you can't run into red zone and teleport to safehouse and instead just make them die after the timer countdown.

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          Unfortunately it was the easiest way of clearing your Manhunt level - if I understand correctly those zones won't be there when it comes to release. The fact that when you 'defend' yourself as 'Rogue' the counter reset was just a pisstake. My group held out for all of 14 minutes before we got rushed by about 16 people at Morgan Library.

            YeAp but it is ruining the dz experience for people that may be interested in the game. Me and my mates was going for pure friendly play style and it's annoying to see a group hitting manhunt then just jump off to red zone and teleport to safe house while waiting the timer to go off and get the manhunt reward.

            You're in luck then. The new patch just pauses the timer rather than refreshing it. Might have been a bug.

        I walked around a corner and saw 3 people madly doing jumping jacks at each other... and I armed a grenade and slowly backed away.

    Even if the content is the same as the closed beta, I'm pretty hyped for this. Especially because I'll be able to play with a couple of friends that didn't make it into the closed beta.

    Nice to see that it'll just require a small patch to the closed client instead of a full new download as well (for closed beta players).

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    Solid, can't wait to try this bad boy out on the ps4.

    My Uplay client removed the Closed Beta from my games list, but it's still on my hard drive. I hope I don't have to download again.

    If anyone here wants to team up during the open beta, just look for a MrLiamNeeson. Or I'll just find you.....

      It's apparently just a patch to update if you have it from closed beta still

    Yeah, they're definitely pressing discs already, though there will still be work on the day zero patch.

      Most certainly.

      By the time they press, print, box and ship it needs some lead time to get to store warehouses internationally.

      Some people hate the "Day 1" patches but I don't mind it instead of having to wait extra time it takes to squash bugs and fix things. It's the nature of game and software development industry.

    Played everything I wanted in the closed beta, but will be good to try it again with some mates. I didn't go into too much depth with it all, just the story missions, some side missions and a bit of DZ, as I don't want to spoil too much for the full release.

    Wish my stuff carried over though, had collected some cool gear!

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