Off Topic: Best Simpsons Episode?

The Simpsons isn't what it used to be. That much is clear. But man, it used to be so good.

What are some of your favourite episodes?

Sometimes I feel like it's a little tricky to think of Simpsons episodes. I've always had a hard time with that because I think of The Simpsons in terms of moments.

Off the top of my head there's the Monorail episode. I loved that. There's also "And Maggie Makes Three", the episode where Homer covers up his demotivational poster at work to read "Do It For Her".


The Sideshow Bob episodes are great as well, I like the one where he marries Selma the best.

Man there's just so many. What's your favourite?


    Hank Scorpio - end of story

      For anyone playing at home, that's season 8, episode 2: You Only Move Twice and the correct answer.

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      That was Dennis Leary too, if I remember correctly.

        Hank Scorpio was Dennis Leary? Nope. But you can see the actor who played Scorpio in Drive. He's the bad dude. Albert Brooks.

      Love the Goldfinger parody, where Homer is the reason the agent is killed, while being completely oblivious to what's going on.

    Homer: Bad Man. "Just wish I had-her-swee-swee-s-s-swEET-can"

      "I can't even say the word tit-mouse without giggling like a school girl!"

      Oh frak - watched that last year for the first first time in years and damn it's even more relevant nowadays!!

      All the best lines are in this episode. My personal favourite being: "Simpson scandal update: Homer Simpson caught sleeping nude in an oxygen tent he believes gives him sexual powers!"

    This is a stupid stupid choice that probably no one else will agree with, BUT, I'm still gonna say "Saddlesore Galactica".....

      dont worry your not alone, i liked that episode as well

      Furious D!

      "I'll deal with those murderous trolls..."

        "I mean, I'll deal with those murderous trolls"

    You only move twice was the best but two others that were pretty close are the springfield files and the last temptation of homer.

    EDIT OHH I FORGOT homer's enemy poor old grimes.

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    Seasons 4-10.

    Or Stonecutters.

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    theres just way too many to choo-choo-choose from.

    1. You only Move twice.
    2. 22 short stories about Springfield.
    3. The Springfield FIles.
    4. Cape Fear
    5. 24minutes
    6. Treehouse of Horrors 4 i think it is (the one with the Shinning and Homer time traveling) aww hell all of them.

      "Don't touch anything? I'll touch whatever I feel like!"

    That episode where bart gets kidnapped by two french guys and forced to make wine for them. I've only seen it once on channel ten but never again, maybe there is something messed up in that episode?

      Eh, it's a season 1 or 2 episode so was fairly crude in terms of production quality. Plus all those early seasons played about a million times in the 90s, they probably don't see the point in repeating them now.

        Thanks for clearing that up :)

        I actually tried to hide that comment because it's not really my fav and it had nothing to do with the title.

        My Favourite would be that one episode where Moe gets a hot gf. All of his compliments are almost insults because he's not used to saying anything nice.

        Either that or the Shelbyville lemon tree one

    "Homer the Vigilante" had some brilliant one-liners, but I'd have to agree with claymore35...

    This is one of my mate's favourite scenes:

    Fat Homer will always be my all time fav I think.

      Ha! Fatter than usual? Moo moo homer? I see parrallels between him and Costanza when he gets a fat scooter.

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        Yeah the ep where he wants to weigh 300 pounds to get on disability!
        "What are you doing dad?"
        "Washing my fat guy hat honey!"
        "Mmmm you really can feel three kinds of softness"

          The line that stuck with me was Bart's.
          "I wash myself with a rag on a stick."

          Man, the Simpsons are so insidious

            I think the fish sandwich was what made me lol the most in that ep!

              See and that's just one episode. If anyone in my circle of friends quotes a Simpsons line it's always met with a counter quote, not by choice, it's a reflex.

              If I went to watch an episode right now I would know what happens within a few minutes of it playing. Not that i'm amazing, I think most of us could.

    Definitely not a flash back clip show and not anything from the newer seasons

    1. Last Exit to Springfield
    2. Mr Plow
    3. Marge Vs the Monorail
    It's not a coincidence that they're all from season 4. The best season in TV history

    Lemon of Troy

      And with that a mighty cheer went up from the heroes of Shelbyville. They had banished the awful lemon tree forever... Because it was haunted.

      Wait a minute... There a lemon behind that lemon-shaped rock!

    Sometimes I feel like it’s a little tricky to think of Simpsons episodes. I’ve always had a hard time with that because I think of The Simpsons in terms of moments.This. Even now I can't really think of any whole episodes, outside of the ones that have been brought to mind by mention above.

    I think my favourite Simpsons bit was the BBQ pit one. With "Le grille??", "Why doesn't mine look like that??" and the run+scream+stab with an umbrella (plus the subsequent "pop"), it just gets me :P

      I love that episode, the whole outsider art thing, and any episodes with Abe Simpson back in WWII.

        I'd honestly forgotten what the actual episode was about til you reminded me just then. And even then, it's pretty foggy.

        Also, another you reminded me of I always liked the Flying Hellfish ep. Probably a good contender for favourite.

      Exactly. I absolutely adore moments like "Maggie says Daddy", "Do it for her" and "Lisa it's your birthday", but not really the entire episodes themselves.

    After 26 years...there are far too many episodes to recall. To choose one that shines above the others is very hard.

    There’s also “And Maggie Makes Three”, the episode where Homer covers up his demotivational poster at work to read “Do It For Her”.

    Oh Jesus, I cried geniune man-tears at the end of that episode, have a lump in my throat right now...

    Today I am dragging my arse through a job I hate, for that precise reason.

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    Bart The Fink

    "I'm sorry, I can't disclose any information about that customer's secret, illegal account.
    Oh, crap!
    I shouldn't have said he was a customer
    Oh, crap!
    I shouldn't have said it was a secret
    Oh, crap!
    I certainly shouldn't have said it was illegal!
    It's too hot today"

      100 tacos for $100 - "Yes, this should provide adequate sustenance for the Dr. Who marathon."



      The. Best. Episode. Ever.

      I also love how they got the whole Frasier Cast to voice Sideshow Bob's Family...

    Oh Margie, you came and you found me a turkey,
    On my vacation away from workie...

      Dude, one of my favourite ever scenes is from that episode. Where they are in the elevator and Homer's like "Well this is my floor" and forces the door open... "See you tomorrow!"

      Literally gets me every time, and I don't know why.

        Mindy: "we'll just be going down together i mean getting off together i mean..."
        Homer: it's ok I'll just push the button for the stimulator, i mean elevator - *think unsexy thoughts*... Well this is my floor.

      For those not in the know it's from homers last temptation. It also has the joeyjojo reference in it such a great episode.

      I love the part in the hotel with Mindy, where Homer's shirt pops open to the smeared t-shirt of Marge and the guy vacuuming in the hall that sounds like Marge "Mmm...Mmm...Mmm...Mmm."

      Also, the bit where Homer tries to read the smudged writing on his hand to Mindy (in particular the gibberish that can be heard while Mr Burns & Smithers are watching on CCTV) "Uh.. M-Murphy... you are a elf... uncontrollably..."

    I haven't watched much Simpsons since I was a kid but Bart Gets An F is the memorable one that first comes to mind.

    My personal favourite is for Nostalgia reasons, I had watched the first few eps of the Simpsons in high school but my parents absolutely hated it so being a one-TV family I didn't watch it again till leaving home

    The first year of being out of school, 2004, Simpsons was in 5-days per week reruns, channel 10 had aired up to season 4 the year before and didn't bring it back for new eps for the whole of 2004!

    I got into the show that year though due to the reruns, absolutely loved the Ep where Bart fell down a well, or the Monorail episode you could watch them heaps of times and not get sick of them!

    When it finally returned in 2005 (Wednesday's 7.30) they had enough episodes in the can to play it all year long starting with "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" which for reasons of being fresh and new sticks out as one of my favourites!

    In fact the whole 5th season is a tour de force of hilarious episodes like Rosebud, Homer goes to College (Homer chasing after that squirrel never stops being funny!), Homer Loves Flanders, Deep Space Homer!

    Itchy & Scratchy Land

    Come along, Bort. Are you talking to me? No, my son is also named Bort.
    We need more Bort license plates in the Gift Shop. Repeat, we are sold out of Bort license plates.

    Come on guys, this is and no one mentions Bart vs. Australia?

    Also, Lisa the Vegetarian. 'But what do you do if someone wants a non-alcoholic beer?' 'You know... it's never come up!'

    Also, obligatory Hank Scorpio love.

      Dude, trying to listen to the horribly poor excuses for Australian accents and stereotypes in general in that episode is such a struggle - it's not often you hear a consistently good attempted Australian accent anywhere really.

      Still a funny episode though. Homer and Bart running for their lives past Marge and Lisa in the shop:



        That's half the fun though! The Simpsons is in no way, shape or form an accurate representation of American life - and I highly doubt '30 Minutes over Tokyo' was a shining example of Japanse culture... but still... Knife goes in, guts come out, that's what Osaka seafood concern is all about!

          Haha "is the answer Japan?"

          "Actually... it is."

          Yeah mate I agree that cartoons don't have to be 100% realistic ( it's just that one things that really grinds my gears! Like it was capitalising on the Crocodile Dundee "everyone loves Aussie for 15 minutes" bandwagon.

        Haha funny thing is that we had just recently learned about the Doppler effect at school when that episode first showed so we all felt super smart for understanding the joke.

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        That episode parodies the Australia that was presented to the USA through the 80s and early 90s in popular culture (Hoges, Mad Max etc). It went over a lot of peoples heads here at the time, some took offense and young uns watching it now might be left a bit puzzled by some of it too. The 30 years of electricity stamp was a pretty good dig I thought. Great episode, disparaging it should be a bootable offence.

      You don't make friends with salad!


        I didn't mean to take sides, I just got caught up in the rhythm!

      I will always love the sign: "Yahoo Serious Festival"

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