One Final Twilight Princess HD Comparison Vid Before Our Memories Get Muddled

One Final Twilight Princess HD Comparison Vid Before Our Memories Get Muddled

With the high definition remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess less than two weeks away, Nintendo UK releases a final comparison between Gamecube and Wii U before the jaggy lines go all blurry in our heads.

One good thing about Nintendo’s baby-stepping graphics hardware upgrades over the past few consoles is that HD remasters aren’t jarringly different than the originals. Comparing March 4’s release with shots from the Gamecube original in the video below, half the time I prefer the original. I love seeing the jaggies disappear, but those “enhanced” lighting effects cast a haze over everything I don’t like at all.

Of course it won’t matter much once I get a few hours in with the new version. Soon it will overwrite the Twilight Princess memories in my head, and when I think of the original game, the new one is what I’ll see.


  • Same game, three consoles in a row, three different controller gimmicks, same retail price…. I have no idea why people complain that Nintendo isn’t doing new things.

    • Re-releases bring in some money which then allows them to make with the crazy. As long as they are taking risks, I’m fine with this kind of thing.

    • Cause remasters never happen on other systems, amirite?

      In fact the only Nintendo games I can think of that have been remastered recently are Wind Waker and now Twilight Princess on the Wii U, and Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on the 3DS.

    • This wasn’t on the Wii (but you could play the GCN version on it). (I’m wrong)
      What was the gimmick with the GCN controllers again?

      • actually it was released as a separate game on the wii, if I remember correctly there was about a month delay between them as well. the entire world was mirrored for the wii version and motion controls took place of conventional aiming for bows, hook shots and so on though I believe that it could be turned off.

        • You are correct. I am getting my Zeldas mixed up. I still can’t think of a GCN controller gimmick.

      • Yes it is…I have the Wii release. The world is mirrored so Link has the sword in his right hand.

        It’s a port, but it’s a separate release for the Wii waggle controls.

    • To be fair, the first 2 consoles were basically released at the same time, and the 3rd release is 10 years later.

  • It hasn’t aged as well as windwaker, and it was immeasurably more popular in its heyday. I’m not sure that it needed the do over.

    That said, zant is great, midna is great, and the oocca’s are freaking me out even more in hd!

    • Midna is probably one of the best Nintendo characters ever created, and it pains me to think she will never be in another game (outside Hyrule Warriors).

      Also forgot about how creepy those damn occas are!

  • I’ve wanted to play Twilight Princess in HD since I originally played it, but this doesn’t come close to what I was hoping. Compared to the Wind Waker update this is barely different.
    I’m all for 1080p and high-definition textures, but there’s no change to the lighting, which makes a lot of areas seems ridiculously drab. Adding shadows to areas to create better definition would’ve been much appreciated. It reminds me of the Dark Souls 2 trailers compared to the actual game; same exact environment, but the lighting added so much atmosphere.
    I’m also waiting to see the characters in motion, as I’m still horrified by that picture of Ilia with permanent duck-face. *shudders*

    • Personally, ive been waiting for this HD remake since windwaker HD was announced. Along with windwaker this is one of my top 3 zeldas (link to the past being the 3rd).

      There are also bigger and longer videos out there which show better shadows, lighting, character models and textures. While not a complete remake, it does look incredible and i think this game is sorely overlookes due to the “wii” and “waggle” controls.

  • Watching that trailer reminded me just how awesome it was when Link gets the master sword in this game.

  • I wonder how this compares to playing the game with Dolphin, widescreen hack and the high res texture pack? The texture pack, x4 MSAA and 1080p (or even higher) is already pretty damn good.

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