One-Punch Man, Summed Up In Two Minutes

One-Punch Man, Summed Up In Two Minutes

Video: Without Saitama's cyborg buddy Genos, One-Punch Man wouldn't be the same. He's the one who gives Saitama's life context and meaning. Also, he just can't shut his mouth. The folks over at FimFlamfilosophy drew a short animation, and tried to summarise the anime series, this unique friendship and their love of punching things, by following this path.


    Can someone sum up that video in a minute for me? Have to go work in two shakes.

      Genos gets beaten up, a lot and complains to Saitama that he's sick of that. Saitama responds that he wouldn't know what to punch without him. The Genos leaves to make lunch will Saitama punches things.

        can someone sum up this summary of the summary for me? bullet points preferred.

          Bitch. Punch. Moan. Punch. Bro bonding time. Punch. Lunch.

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