One Site Is Dedicated To The Beautiful Graphics Of The Amiga

The Amiga was special for many reasons, but one of those was the exceptional quality of graphics that artists and fans were able to create on the platform.

One site has dedicated itself towards the artistry that emerged from various applications, games and logos over the period. And, unsurprisingly, some of that art still holds up well today.

Feature image: Didier Bouchon/Amiga Graphics Archive

It's called the Amiga Graphics Archive, a fairly self-explanatory name for a page that honours the wonderful pixel art created using the platform.

"An uncountable number of graphics were made during this time period, but there are quite a number of noteworthy images that, I believe, shouldn't gather dust on some harddrive, hidden in some extra level inside a game that never gets played or on a PD collection disk that is almost unknown," the site's info page says.

The site is segregated into categories for scenes, logos, artists, game art, applications and miscellaneous art, although you can have a perfectly good time browsing at random. It's like the Dead End Thrills of Amiga art, in many ways.

All images courtesy of the Amiga Graphics Archive

You can view these and more at the Amiga Graphics Archive and follow the site on Twitter.


    Ah beautiful!!! At primary school we had a computer room full of monochrome (yellow and black) micro bee computers.
    But in the year six classroom we had a commodore Amiga. Turrican 2 and Silkworm were played any chance I got. Wonderful graphics and music. Amazing memories.

    Yeah baby.... brings back memories of a time when computers had a near magical quality for me... loved my Amiga.

      Yes, magical, that's it exactly!

      I'd love to somehow re-experience these memories & I don't mean simply replaying a game.

        Perhaps immersive VR technologies may help with the magic again. But I think the main obstacle is that we aren't children any more.

    Oh my. Shuttle Puck Cafe? I loved that game as a kid. One of my all time Amiga favorites.

      "Shufflepuck" Cafe I think. Yeah had great gameplay. THere is a sequel/remake of it for iOS

    I loved the artwork in the Cinemaware and Psygnosis games on the Amiga.

    The Bitmap Brothers also did some great stuff.

    nothing like the glory days of amiga and C64.

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