Overwatch Adds Control Mode And Two New Maps, But There's Room For More

The return of the Overwatch beta has got a lot of shooter fans buzzing, and Blizzard's announcement last week that they were adding a new, third, game mode to their inaugural FPS caught a lot of attention.

The new mode's called Control. Here's what you need to know.

On the maps that support it, both teams will have three rounds to compete over a series of objective zones. Much like Overwatch's other game modes, you capture the point simply by standing on it and when one team's capture progress reaches 100%, they win the round. A team's progress isn't affected by their opponents either.

To launch the new mode, Blizzard has added two new maps: Nepal and Lijang Tower. The former revolves around a monastery high in the Nepalese mountains, while Lijang Tower is more of an Chinese-themed urban map.

The additions mean Overwatch now has three game modes and ten maps in total, with a few of those maps being playable across modes. There's room for even more maps though, according to the game's director Jeff Kaplan.

"I do think that there’s room for new maps in Overwatch, and the good news is that we’re early enough where these maps are going to get a lot of testing over time and we’re learning as we go," Kaplan said in a phone interview. "As we make new maps, we need to iterate less and less because we start to gain knowledge about what are the faux paus, the design faux paus, what are the rules that make a balanced map work."

"I think we’re in good shape, I think it’s going to be really great for the beta to get these two new maps and in particular to get the new game mode. I think that will be a very refreshing change and I don’t yet think we’re at the point where we have too many. I think there’s still room for more."


    Beta invite at 8:06am this morning (signed up 11pm last night)

    Downloading at 9:06am.

      Confirmed: I'm downloading now as well.

        I downloaded before work. Played half a round. Had to leave for work. :(

      Seriously? I'm so jealous. I've been signed up for the Beta since it was first announced and no invite for me....:'(

      Signed up for beta within a week of even being able too, still no invite.

        This probably won't help but I'm really not enjoying it either, it's boring as all hell.

          I got in, only to find out it has 2-3 pixel deadzone and 4-5 pixel deadzone on zoom in with 90fov 400dpi..

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