Overwatch Is Still Giving Out 'Play Of The Game' For Doing Nothing

Overwatch Is Still Giving Out 'Play of the Game' For Doing Nothing

Overwatch is remarkably polished for a game in beta testing, but... it's still a game in beta testing. Overwatch's "play of the game" feature is great. It's a nice way to cap off a match, showing a player wrecking shop in the kills or heals department. When you earn it, it feels amazing. When somebody else does, well, you've got something to study and learn from.

It is not, however, always spot-on. Case in point: this player, markorply, received the prestigious honour for... hopping.

I mean, you know, I bet continuously leaping while holding a bow-and-arrow is kinda hard in real life. So this could conceivably be called an accomplishment... somewhere. Seriously though, this was an issue (albeit a humorous one) in the last beta, prior to a two-month break that centred around tweaks, fixes and new features. While a lot has changed for the better, it seems like a lot of smaller things still need fixing.

On the less janky, more awesome side of things, one Torbjörn player, tichondrius, was awarded "play of the game" for going on a nice killing spree... while dead:

There is also an argument to be made that T-beard's turrets are overpowered, making this accomplishment a bit less awesome. The turret's range is pretty ridiculous, and it's tough to bring down. Another thing for the needs-a-fix list, it seems.

There is, however, sometimes no room for debate. If you manage to do this as Lucio, you deserve a cold, unfeeling high-five from Blizzard's "play of the game" algorithm:


    I have found Overwatch very underwhelming.

    It's polished but just really another CTF, Guard the Zone, Escort the objective FPS with a lot of different characters that will ultimately end up with ever changing calls for nerfs/buffs and general meta which will leave others never picked.

    I've played a fair bit but ultimately look at other games and ask why am I playing Overwatch?

      Overwatch will run into the same problems as other games that are multiplayer-only in that, slowly, the player base will die out. It's only saving grace is that it's Blizzard and that won't last forever, especially if they don't provide any meaningful content updates like new maps, characters, etc. Also Blizzard has major issues with getting balance right and I can't see them doing things correctly with Overwatch. Once the shine fades after release, it'll still be a good game just not a great game.

        Pretty much this.... It's TF2 with more variety to classes which ultimately means 24/7 requirement to balance all the elements.

        Yep, other multiplayer only games like CS:GO for example really struggle with player numbers after a few years...oh wait...

        If they get the esports attention like they're aiming for then it'll live on.

          Comparing Overwatch to CS:GO is like comparing apples to oranges. They focus on different things as their core gameplay and don't really have the team-based style of gameplay. Overwatch is better compared to TF2 as they're both heavily class-based team shooters.

          What is the likelihood that Overwatch gets esports attention compared to TF2? Sure they'll get some attention but it won't last forever, especially as people jump around to other shooters like crazy. I don't believe Overwatch will be anything more than a flash in a pan game similar to Titanfall.

            First of all you said "other games that are multiplayer only" so I provided another multiplayer only game that has a very strong player base that isn't going to fade out any time soon.

            Also, are you saying Overwatch isn't team based or CS:GO isn't team based? CS:GO is a heavily team based game, requires strong and consistent communication between team members to play it effectively. I haven't played Overwatch but from what I've seen that's pretty team based too...

            Anyway I don't really care about comparing the two, was just mentioning a multiplayer only game that's successful meaning Overwatch can do it too if they tick the right boxes.

    I feel Torbjorn's turrets need a lock on timer and then they'd be alright. Having instant lock is just too much, 1 second even half a second would make enough difference. Or give them a fixed angle they can shoot from, I feel Bastion is the same for that option too. Allow them to shoot in a 210 degree arc not the full 360.

    As for PotG, they need to set parameters somehow to eliminate a lot of the boring ultimate kills. Pressing q and killing 3 people with your ultimate isn't skilful. Either make it so an ultimate has to kill 5-6 enemies to be worthy or eliminate ultimates from it completely. That Lucio play was awesome and that's what it should be showing off.

    And here I am still waiting for Beta access.

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