Perfect Rainbow Six Siege Teamwork

Perfect Rainbow Six Siege Teamwork

Video: One player watches and coordinates. A second one distracts the enemy team and a third one takes down all of them.

BWOxide's short Rainbow Six Siege clip shows us how quickly a match can be ended when everyone's doing their best and there's one guy hiding in the elevator with explosives. Teamwork!


    Urgh, no! If you actually watched the video then you'd know it wasn't 'perfect' teamwork. They were abusing the OP elevator.

    Until they nerf the elevator this game is destined to fail.

      ive never died to someone hiding in there, check your corners/privilege.

      Ok... so I assumed you were being sarcastic... but now after everyone comments I'm confused... you were joking right? lol

        Yes! There's a comment literally at the start of the video saying the elevator is OP!

    Howd she get down the elevator? shooting through with a shottie?

      She is on the defence, so just walk in there and wait.

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