Podcast: Hey, The Division Has A Lot Of Potential

Podcast: Hey, The Division Has A Lot Of Potential

After playing the beta for The Division, some of us are cautiously optimistic! We're also super hooked on The Witness. All that and more on today's episode of Kotaku Splitscreen. Joining us for today's show is Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo, who has all sorts of stories about A) what it's been like to run this website for the past four years and B) why he hates both steak and comedy. We're all also pretty stoked to see if The Division will do what it's setting out to do.

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    While the closed beta was better than the pax demo (correct quality items make a lot of difference in pvp) it is still going to be exactly the same as Destiny, no version of reality holds anything other than an RNG wall at the top to stop people from getting the best items within two weeks.

    I agree it has a tremendous amount of potential. A friend and I played the beta for about 5 hours in total and then stopped as there wasn't much else to do.

    For their sake (and us the gamers), I really hope this isn't another Watch Dogs where it's the same old repetitive shit.

    Destiny had potential too, it all comes down to content and how well they handle repetition.

    When I put down the controller for Destiny, it wasn't even the repetition by that stage, it was a constant sense that the game was being squandered on the all consuming bottom line with as little effort as possible (Combined with the knowledge that it could have been much greater)

    Ubisoft has a chance here, but it is Ubisoft.

    One word "Disappointing".
    Yes, potential is there but that's the problem. We shouldn't need to tell developers that show us what it could be; example E3 footage. Then show alpha or beta game-play of what shows a "Watchdogs Failure". Next Gen games in my opinion are stuck in corner because there seems to more of idea about what can be done rather then what is done.

    Personally I won't be running out to grab this game off the shelf due to the fact that what has been delivered has divided me from The Division.

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