Pokémon Moon And Sun Logos Pop Up

Pokémon Moon And Sun Logos Pop Up

What are Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Sun, recently discovered in the European Union's trademark database (via NeoGAF)? Could they be, perhaps, video games? Worth noting: Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have registered trademarks for many names that never actually come out, like "Pokémon Grey" and "Pokémon Delta Emerald", both of which have led to endless wishes and fan speculation over the years. They didn't have logos, though. Coincidentally, Nintendo is holding a Pokémon Direct tomorrow at 2am AEDT, which might make for a good opportunity to announce new Pokémon games. Just guessing.

[via NeoGAF]


    And the legendary pokemon are Solrock and Lunatone LMAO

    The plot revolves around one team trying to destroy the moon and somehow make endless say while the other involves the evil team who's good in the other game blowing up the sun to creat eternal night.

    Nah jokes it's about a kid collecting badges.

    Is it just me or do those look like card game logos not game logos?

      I. Will. Kill. You.

      I am with you on this about 90% of the way. my 10% lies in the direction of the TCG naming of new expansions usually uses a two word name, ancient origins, dark explorers, rising rivals and so on. Though heart gold and soul silver did do symbols on the box art. time between x/y and AS/OR (of a year and change) would suggest it is time for another game

        Yeah. I don't think it's actually a TCG logo since like you say the name doesn't quite match and it's missing a few things, but it seems to have that vibe about it. I can't really put my finger on why they just strike me as TCG logos.

          most likely though, it is in fact a game and the symbol is associated with whatever 2 competing criminal teams they have (my money is on Team Lunaris and Solara)

    After nearly 15 years since their incarnation Lunatone and Solrock will finally become relevant.

    Dusk and Dawn would've been better names.

      Digimon did that already and would possibly result in copyright infringement if Pokemon were to follow suit

    Remakes of Silver and Gold?


        doesn't stop capcom :P

          Super Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Turbo Plus Dash...


    20th Anniversary and we didn't get a remake/new game last year so would make sense they have something coming out this Nov? would be rad if it was 2 or 3 regions together.

    Wow, great Nintendo, Pokemon S&M. Will it be followed by Pokemon Grey?

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