Reasons To Give EA Access An 8 Out Of 10

Reasons To Give EA Access An 8 Out Of 10

I guess at some point I rated the EA Access service I subscribe to on my Xbox One. I know this, because my EA Access app just asked me to explain my 8 out of 10 rating. That's not a bad score, right? It's not like a simple, unvarnished "YES", but still pretty good. How to explain?

My first answer was "I don't like the games in the Vault." No offence, sports games! I wish I liked you more, Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Reasons To Give EA Access An 8 Out Of 10
Reasons To Give EA Access An 8 Out Of 10

My second answer was "the pre-release trials are adequate in length." That was the closest available option to what I wanted to say, which was that "I quite enjoy playing games a week before they're out. I feel like a proper game reviewer or YouTuber and love having the jump on things."

EA Access is $6.99 a month, $39.99 a year and currently enabling me to play Plants Vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare days in advance. I feel like I live in the future.

Reasons To Give EA Access An 8 Out Of 10


    Are 7 of those reasons because they paid you to write this article

      I think you mistook Kotaku for /r/gamergate.

      It's a solid service, as long as the games EA release appeal to you. The month I used it for in order to take advantage of playing Battlefront several days early was pretty good. Tried a few sports games that I'd thought about buying (and subsequently was thankful that I didn't), which was more than worth the $7 I dropped to try it out.

      But hey, go hate on EA if that makes you feel better. The rest of us will be over here.

        He's not hating on EA, he's pointing out that this whole article feels awfully "shilly".

          True, however the implication that "EA is bad & saying something mostly positive about EA must = paid content" is there though. Seems like the moment a mainstream gaming site posts something that even sounds remotely positive about {Major Publisher goes here}, they're branded shills.. right?

          On a side note, I thought I'd take a look at the US version of this article just in case the "paid commentary" tag didn't come through. Nope, not a thing. The comments there are also cheerfully discussing the pros & cons of the service, with only a single anti-EA rant.

    I guess EA didn't really want to know the reasons you decided to give it an 8/10 and more there was a flag in their system that was like "hey, why didn't we get a 9 or 10"?

    Maybe they were generally interested in learning why you gave it an 8 out of 10 and what they could improve to make it a 9 or 10?

    I know a lot of places that do "How was your service?" surveys run on a scale where 9-10 are positive, 7-8 are neutral and 6 and below are negative. EA could run on a similar scale.

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