Ridiculous Counter-Strike Comeback Breaks Opposing Team's Spirit

Ridiculous Counter-Strike Comeback Breaks Opposing Team's Spirit

In a single moment, you can see G2 Esports' Counter-Strike squad realise they're going to lose. One of the best things about Counter-Strike is that a round or even an entire match can turn on a dime. The in-game economy does create momentum and can make it challenging for a losing team to mount a comeback, but there's really nothing in the game to prevent any one player from morphing into The Terminator and slaughtering everyone. Sometimes, that kind of hero-play will completely shatter an opposing team.

Which is what just happened to the G2 Counter-Strike team in their match against Astralis at the Global eSports Cup. G2 was nursing a decent lead in the final map of the series, and had firm control of the bomb site with three members alive versus a single Astralis player, Andreas "Xyp9x" HĂžjsleth. Xyp9x (pronounced Zip-nix) only had a Tec-9 pistol, which is not the stuff of which great comebacks are made.

And then he went and did this:

It's hard to pick a favourite moment here. The "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" headshot at the start of the clip, the G2 player sitting in the open, the use of grenades to control the entrance to the bomb site or the the calm sidestep to grab the AK for the coup de grace.

It's an inspiring play if you're on the winning side, and a pretty crushing one if you're on the team that choked-away their lead. Not a huge surprise, then, that Astralis came back to tie the match and win in overtime.

The Global eSports Cup runs through Sunday, and is streaming on Azubu.tv. First prize is $US80k, so there's quite a bit on the line for these teams.


    Also in the news: Cloud9 choked again, against NV and also G2 the day before.
    Skadoodle (the only Cloud9 player with a future) even got a 1v4 clutch defending the bomb on train (AWP at B) but his own teammates then made sure that it was a waste.
    Surely Cloud9 management will soon declare that enough is enough with some of the lineup.

    only had a Tec-9 pistol, which is not the stuff of which great comebacks are made.
    I take it you don't play CS? its not nicknamed the rec-9 for no reason.
    its almost the perfect weapon for that situation.

    This hardly seems newsworthy. wrecking three players, two using tec-9 and one with ak47, using flash and smoke.

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