Rocket League Is Coming To Xbox One Next Week

After entertaining players on PC and PS4 for over half a year, Rocket League is finally coming to the Xbox One. February 17, to be exact.

According to the post, Psynoix worked with Panic Button to port the game to Microsoft's console. Panic Button recently developed the Wii U port of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, and the studio has also helped work on ports of Primal Carnage: Extinction, Disney Infinity 3.0, and part of Kinect Star Wars.

Those who buy Rocket League on Xbox One will automatically get the Chaos Run, Revenge of the Battle-Cars and Supersonic Fury DLC, as well as some Xbox exclusive rocket trails, garage items, the Warthog from Halo and the Gears of War Armadillo.

It's worth remembering that there won't be cross-play with other platforms though, due to Microsoft's policy.


    I'm still going to buy it because I'm a sucker and I want those Achievements, but for the company that is working hard to rebrand itself as the service-of-choice for PC gamers, you'd think that cross-play would have been a staple.

      PS4 + PC has cross-play. I think it's just that the way the Xbox Live service works prevents it from working with anything else. Definitely frustrating but not really a huge issue.

        Nope, not the end of the world for me - I've enjoyed many a game against my PC mates, more my editorial on the absurdity of Xbox touting themselves as a PC gaming service.

        #IDARB has Xbone/ PC cross platform play (and is awesome), which makes that reasoning really stupid.

        If they used the excuse that they didn’t want Sony vs Xbone cross platform play then I’d understand that.

        If Sony put their foot down and said “We helped make this thing a success in the first place, we don’t want our PS4/ PC player base being diluted by PC players taking games against Xbox owners” then that’d make sense.

        Saying there’s no Xbone/PC cross-platform play “due to Microsoft’s policy” is weird though. I’m assuming the intention was to make a single Xbone/PC/PS4 player base and that it was the potential for Xbone vs PS play that violated the MS policy.

        Edit: I’m still heaps excited to get my hands on this game though. It looks great.

        Last edited 11/02/16 10:34 am

    Killer Instinct is also coming out on (Windows 10) PC soon and is cross-compatible with Xbone.

    I call BS on the "ms policy" stuff. They could have at least done xb/pc and ps/pc. Although my group never has trouble finding a game an expanded player base can only help the game.

    This thing is going to have a huge player base anyway so it won't matter - I know a lot of people who are getting this day one

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