Congrats to my old nemesis Crotchdot who managed to correctly guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku in three minutes! Thanks to Michael for sending it in!

Today's drawing comes from me!

Take it easy on me. I have two kids now. I'm old and irrelevant and confused for much of the day.

Don't forget you can send in your own ScribbleTaku efforts. Email me here


    Wonder Boy

      Article posted - 12.15pm

      Mark's dreams crushed - 12.17pm

      Good effort =p

        I enjoyed crushing his "hardest" Haitaku more. :)
        But this ranks a close second, assuming I'm right. I'm actually starting to dig Scribbletaku more and more. It taught me I wasn't the only person that loved The Guardian Legend.

    Clearly it's the Loot Cave from destiny

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