I thought my scribble on Friday was too easy and would have been guessed in minutes, which proves (once again) that I don't know anything about anything.

Congrats to ExplodinPiggies who managed to correctly guess that it was Metroid Prime: Hunters.

Good luck with today's effort! And don't forget you can send in your


    Better finish that last sentence Mark or you're asking for trouble.
    Also: ff7 just to be that guy and Ninja Gaiden

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    Biker mice from mars!

    Also send in your what? I must know!!!

      First born child?

        No way! Not falling for that again! Do you know how long it took to get him back from Serrels?

          and just try getting porridge stains out of their clothing when you do finally get them returned.

          You got yours back? I just got a poorly written thank you note from Ninkilim, Lord of Vermin.

      Bank account details? Maybe Mark is a Nigerian Prince.


      I was always worried I pronounced that game wrong. Put so many hours into it on the Apple IIe's at school and their green-screen monitors.

      I immediatlely though of The Way of the Exploding Fist, or International Karate, but I don't think they looked as good as the scribble.

    First thing I thought of was Scott Pilgrim. Should play that again! Love that game :3

    Project Zero? Or fatal frame, whichever you prefer. May possibly be the second one.

    Last Ninja

    Mark of the Ninja? Sleeping Dogs? AC Chronicles: Ninja? I mean China?

    I'm getting an Ace Attorney vibe from it.

    Maybe Trials and Tribulations?

    hrm...Wonder boy 3: The Dragon's Trap?

      Yeah that or the bruce lee game (or remake of).

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