Congrats to joel_rainor, who totally guessed that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Street Fighter — like the original one! Nicely done!

Today's scribble comes from Lysander.

Good luck everyone!


    This is tickling my memory, but not sure how.
    Lost Vikings maybe?

    Impossible mission

      Ahhh yeah. If it isn't this game then I'll be damned. Loved this game as a kid. C64 nostalgia.

    Casltevania SotN

      The elevator in the Outer Wall area to be exact, Boom!

        Click! Click!
        Damn, out of ammo...

    Mission Impossible?

      Impossible Mission!

          "Another visitor.. Stay a while... Staaaaay foreeeveeer!" :P

            Only 13 minutes late. :p

              Still counts. Couldn't see your comment when mine was posted :P

                I loved the game, but that intro was the best thing about it.

        This guy! My first favourite game ... because it had a piano to play tunes on :)

        Pretty sure this is the scribble too.

        Ah dang! That would have been my second guess. I thought elevator action, but then after posting, realized they only had one cable! Nicely done!

          Yeah, I thought elevator action, and then Rolling Thunder, I never played Impossible Mission.

        Another visitor. Stay awhile. Stay Forever!

        Damn lunch, and damn Batguy. For once I recognised one, and it even lasted 9-11 minutes!

        Wonder if Mark will give it to WiseHacker or Batguy...

        I played that game way too much in the 80's, probably only outdone by Wizball and Paradroid.

          Three of my favourite games. Impossible Mission and Paradroid (both C64 and Amiga) still hold up pretty well. Wizball, not so much. I can't believe as a kid I ever got as good as I did with that insane control scheme.

            Yeah, fully agree. I think Impossible Mission and Paradroid would work great on tablets, my vague measure of how a game stands the test of time. Wizball, not so much. Been far too long, but my memory is that there were complexities that wouldnt translate all that well.

        Damn, and here I thought it was Zillion...

    Oh god I think I know this one.
    Secret agent something, robots after you. Gah!

    Impossible mission

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